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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Miso Tired

Helllllooooo reindeers!!
I know I have been neglecting this space for quite abit now but as shown in my instagram, I've been really occupied with the renovation of the cafe and the whole works of it so please please please bear with me alittle longer and I promise with all my heart that my absence and frequencies used to blog over here will be worth the wait. Stay with me because YOU WILL WANT TO BE PART OF IT.

Anw, talking about being so occupied with the renovations and stuff, I only have 3 letters for myself. O.M.G. Why that??
Well... before I kickstarted this whole renovation works over at 15gran, I thought I hated tools. Carpentry tools to be exact. I'd always see Alex fix my cupboards and racks for me with so much enjoyment in it, I just couldn't understand why. Being in a place behind the live scene puts me in under an entirely different light that might have casted a rather foreboding and repulsive shadow towards the whole D.I.Y experience as compared to how I felt when put under the stage light during the past four days where I found a new comfort spot, (surprisingly).

I never thought I would crawl into a dog hole cabinet with loose screws and wires hung everywhere. I used to hate the thought of having any bit of shaven wood brushed against my skin. Worst still, I had phobias and terrorising movie scenes from the thrillers blockbusters that flashed on repeat. When I was a kid, I used to think the electronic screwdriver kit came in a set and I never thought I would carry the toolbox with such ease and convenience. Even my friends said they were pretty impressed with how quickly I could find the hidden treasured nails. There's nobody else in this world that I would rather thank for providing me with such exposure and extending my field of interest other than my carpenter or should I personal everything. Today, no, yesterday marks a year into our relationship and of cos......I am so glad to have him beside me all the time and ya-da ya-da ya-da (decided to spare you guys the first-time grammy awards winner speech)
and really abrupt but as I was typing appreciative I feel to have him and what not just 2 lines above, he decides to annoy me.........T H I S  B O Y . . . 

So back to the main topic as scripted as in the title box, I am SO SO SOOOOO flipping tired I can't even describe the urge and hunger to dive and submerge myself into the layers of comfort and warmth. My hands are dried and fried thanks to the consistent brawling and tugging between the screwdriver and my not-so-used-to-this epidermal layer. Buttttt all in all, I realised I actually really really like this jobscope!! Of cos, I can't do this professionally but at this pace I'm progressing in my own cafe, I'm totally happy with it!! Gotta thank my mother for bringing me up to be a tough girl HAHA. Anw..... just halt and wait for my next update cos I have a million websites for all of you to surf and cart out!! Sooooo in the meantime, you could go down to ikea, grab one of their racks or boxes and start fixing your own furnitures because trust me, YOU'LL NEED THEM QUITE BADLY once I put my ads up!! I already have four racks just solely for my shoes. TELL ME HOW?? WHAT MORE ALL YOU MAD SHOPAHOLICS?!

just reached the cafe because I dozed off halfway into this post while waiting for Alex to finish his work!! SOOOO PROUD OF HIM because he personally stitched and cut every piece of material involved and made something really damn awesome!! Not being bias because I would tell him if it's not nice but the item he made this time is YUMMEH....
He'll be at the Red Dot Design Museum at Tanjong Pagar in the evening to showcase and sell his work of artttttt. MASTERPIECES ok!! I tried helping him if you watched my instavideo but HAHA I'm so terrible at sewing plus I was living on an hour's sleep prior to that. Head down and show some support ok!! The best thing about this was that he took into consideration on how I am so actively and strongly against the use of animal skin and actually made the effort to hunt for alternatives. So proud of you molten lava caramal fudgeyness!! You go my boy!!


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Counting the Miles

Truth is, it hurts.
It hurts so much I am avoiding the thought of it as much as I humanely could. I hate the thought of being so far from you. I hate every sound of it, every decibel that reminds me of the times you lift and slide open the padlock where the metal gates will clang. I hate the part where I hear tattoo and kimchi bark excitedly and the thought of you appearing at my gate like you used to all in hopes to surprise me would cloud up in my mind. If I said, I would not hold the little anticipating expectation and run down to see if you were there at all, I would be a fucking liar. With all bare honesty, I still do. Every single time. No matter how many times that same expectation failed on me the previous time, I would still hurry down just to make sure my hopes do not continue hanging in my head relentlessly. I hate the scenes that were once so familiar to me, with you in every frame. Now, the scenes they turned to only what my memories hold. We used to be together every day, if not almost everyday of the week. Not the whole day maybe, but a few hours everyday would be sufficient enough for us. That's what you said to me...
I told you that no, don't worry about it! it'll be fine because you staying 15mins away from me was a bonus. Truth is, I have been dreading the day you were scheduled to move out. I was supposed to be happy for you. I was supposed to be the happiest person for you. I am not. I am disappointed with myself as your partner for not being able to feel the happiness for you, I feel so stuck. I am happy for you like how I should be but at the same time, I really hate to see you go. Yes, physical distancing shouldn't be a problem if our relationship is strong enough to withhold all odds but the sudden need to re-adapt to you not being as close to me pains me to tears that even writing this now is torturous, so fucking torturous.

Yesterday, I lined up a day full of events so I would be so busy in my head thinking of stuff that your absence would not haunt me repeatedly. It  started in the morning when I overheard the electronic voice over in the train announced it was ang mo kio station. It hit me harder than I expected. Heck, I didn't expect myself to feel anything but what happened was a wave of sadness flooding over me and a tsunami of tears drowned my morning vision. I stood at my porch and watered the floor to wash fattyK's pee tray and sobbed uncontrollably. I realised then that I finally allowed the thoughts to run wild and free the way they should. It was relieving yet painful. It affected me in every way possible. You used to take my ootds but today, nobody did. When I asked you if you wanted to meet me at siglap, you said it would be too far for you. We used to meet right after our work/school time and there was never really a time we didn't not spend together. We could literally head back from anywhere together everytime. Then I went over to ikea to get stuff for the cafe alone today. It was a new experience because I have never stepped into ikea myself before. I struggled carrying two big bags by myself and I hate it. I hate the thought of you not being there with me when I needed you. I needed you so badly to help me with the stuff. I needed you to be there because you have always been someone I turn to ask for opinions for anything and everything. I needed you to push me again on the trolley like the first time you did. I just needed you to be beside me so badly but you weren't.

I miss the times we had. I hate the fucking distance between us now. What ever happened to the 15mins walk.

Anw, here's a throw back on one of the dates that we had where we went to far east.
had lunch at the basement level over Shin Tokyo where I posted a video on ig saying how I got the perfect solution for you girls for those who wanna get thin!! HAHA, such silly ideas I had those times!! If you missed the video, I said that whenever alex and I eat out, my side of the table would be clean and he's would be piled up with food food food and more food all because he took all my food!! but of cos, I was just kidding!! oh, how much I miss those times.

ordered the only meat-free main dish and it was "mixed mushroom ramen" that I couldn't finish so half the bowl went into Alex's stomach but of cos, he being a sweetheart I got to rob his chawamushi and the edamames and the seasonsed seaweed and the fruits and the sushi hehehe

Then we went over to Blogshopping and I got to do some retail therapy!!
They have expanded so so so so so soooo much and OH MAH GAWD the current space they are housed in is literally your one pit stop if you're intending to do some seriously good shopping!! They are so big now they have T W O entrances/exits!!!!!!!!

I got to keep 2 very kickass items!! & this time I took it from the same brand!! Oh well, their items are just too fabz not to keep!!

So which brand is this??

Back Sheer Unhem Crop in White
absolutely loving the top and this was the first piece I took the moment I passed by their rack!! Even Alex said it is nice. He hardly says anything crop is nice because he hates me showing my skin.

very coincidentally after entering their website to look up for the name of items, I realised they paired the top I got with the other piece I took home too!! And thattttt is their

Paint Splatter Ripped Jeans
Wore it a number of times already because of how comfortable it hangs on my hips and I crazy love the whole rugged feel to it!!

and yeeeeassss that's the two gorg items I got to keep!! You can get to browse and try the apparels over there as well!! Below, you can get the details to being one of their members and enjoy all of the mentioned privileges!!

So yesssssssssaaaaahhhhh hurry down today because I swear that the brands that have been added to their old housed brands are your favourite amazeballs names!!


two other shout outs for this week for all those lazy bums or shopping queens who just can't get enough!!!!!!!

Solitary ride is a preorder site that have done a few advertorials with me previously and their service and apparels they offer are MUUUACKS yummy!!

Remember to like their facebook page at because there is where they will hold exclusive deals and latest updates that YOU NEVER WANNA MISS OUT ON!!
make sure to catch their 6 piece price system on their site to save more!!!!

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Also a preorder site for you girls but I feel that both of them carry different items so you girls can now have a wider shopping radar!!

tempted already?! go on and do told!! A $2 cut is two clicks away only!!!!!!!!


Happy shopping girls!!


Friday, 27 September 2013

Empty Your Pockets Now!!

Heeeelllooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh finally able to write this ad because I've been shhhhuperz beeeee-seh editing the never ending list of photos I have for you girls!! I worked on the photos from yesterday's afternoon all the way till 5am and fell asleep editing the photos, woke up at 1pm and started working from 2pm till nowwwwwwwwwww. No wonder someone said I looook likka panda.

Writing this at 6.02am now oh sweet lord with my two buddies sleeping beside me and some hk drama playing!!
what precious eyes Tattoo has....M E L T
don't have a photo of Superglue K because she was lying right in front of the fan that was freezing me but she would make the effort no matter how tired or how asleep she is to accompany me to anywhere I went regardless of the distance. I went to the toilet and she was sooooo sleepy I could literally see it on her face but she still got up, accompanied me and laid down right outside the toilet door. When I went to grab the bag of chips from the fridge, I made sure there was no sound but she still sensed I was away from her and she got up and found me behind the fridge's door. I went into the office room to get some screwdrivers and she opened her eyes, I was missing form her sight and she ran all the way up to my room and into the kitchen and sniffed every corner in the house to find me. Idk how to explain this but I know this is love. Nobody can ever see or feel this because I'm the closest to her in the family and no words can ever explain my love for her and vice versa. Yes everyone sees it but they don't see 100% of it and nobody else feels can ever feel it the way I do.

So anw, back to the main topic...THE ADS THE ADS THE ADS!!

I kept three really cute items in my all time favourite pattern!! If you're guessing polka dots...that's absolutely right!!

Red Polka Two Piece Set
super duper cute set!! Best damn thing?? The bottom is actually a pair of shorts with a skirt flap infront!! Super safe!! andddddd the heart shape at the back was sucha sweet surprise for me because I didn't know there was this feature till I received the parcel!!

Black Polka Riboon Tie Tube + Black Flutter Skorts
Doesn't it look like an alternative to the set above?? only this....alittle more kitty girlish than minnie mousey. The tube top has such a good fit and comfortable lining!!

Wanna get your hands on these gorgeous apparels??

I think this is sucha great rewards system!! I mean, they don't even make you spend thousands of dollars for you to exchange some lame gifts like what most shopping centres do!! Super worth it!!!!!

Here are three main styles ilovecupcakes wants you to remember them by!!

The Cutie Pie

The Street Walker Traffic Stopper

The Sweetheart

gif maker

Stock your wardrobe with the lovely and reasonably priced apparels from ILoveCupcakes  at their rack over at MIYOC Orchard Central and Jcube!! You'll get the privilege to molest the material (haha) and try them!! What's super great too for those who are too excited to wait for the postman, parcel collection services are available at the two mentioned outlets!! 

Check out with "CHLOE10" to get 10% off all apparels!!

Like their Facebook Page at  and follow them on Instagram at @shopilovecupcakes to get the latest updates and exclusive offers!!


Number 2 :

Loving all my apparels from them as always!! They aren't only my sponsors for my body, they sponsored me a huge hamper from My Beauty Diary for my face as well!!

Leah Printed Floral Chiffon Blouse in Green
I think it's the subtleness in the whole colour and floral theme that attracted me to this piece. like it's floral and stuff but not the usual brightly coloured kind of florals and the material of the chiffon is super duper soft!! so thumbs up for that!!

Pierette Printed Long Sleeved Blouse
just the opposite feel from the above piece because I find this one rather bold and this is very good when you're trying to make a statement. I picked this piece because of it's watercoloured effect and how the prints are only on the sleeves, completely brilliant!! 

Piper Contrast Raw Cut Raglan Tee in Mint
This was an additional piece the kind angels behind Ellysage decided to sneak into my parcel and I'm adoring how casual and sporty this is!! Very very comfortable!!

So earlier on, you read that they have also mailed to me a hamper for my face??
That's right!! Thanks to Ellysage and My Beauty Diary my chubby cheeks can now be pampered with good essences!!

I got the special edt. Pink Rockrose ones as well as the Aloe vera paper masks which feel superb on your skin!! Both are good for providing moisture for your skin!! Coupled with the brightening and moisturing sleep concentrate and facial mist, my skin has never been more loaded with such hydrating goodness!! Wake up to bouncy bright skin!!

Here's your chance to win a complimentary facial mask with every order on Ellysage!! It's EVERY order with NO MIN SPEND!! How awesome is that?! The giveaway has been kindly extended because of my late blogging for the ad till 3rd Oct so hurry and get your hands on them!!
If you're interested to get the full set hamper like my set, all you have to do is participate in Ellysage's Like and Share facebook contest at
don't forget their instagram @ellysage as well for all you photos crazy queens!!


I've been thinking why they are called lastbusride and then when I started doing ads with them more regularly I came to self thought explanation...HAHA yknw how you always have to rush for the last bus because I mean cabbing back at midnight would be sooooo taxing on your pockets thanks to it's insane surcharge and what nots. SO!! back to why I think they are called lastbusride. It's crazy how when I get to their site alittle later and all the items are alllllllllll sold out. I need to rush over to their site to pick the items out like how you would rush for the last bus home and because their prices are really affordable like the public transport here!! I know, freaking lame analogy but please ok. You won't think of that rightttttt? HAHA

Saffron Maxi in Black
I picked this piece solely because I was attracted to the cage bralet and how easily ready the whole outfit was so I won't take ages to choose my outfit!! It's all settled in a set at a 2-in-1 price!! How cool is that?!

Took out the outer dress and decided to play with the bralet that came together with it!!

Cheap Monday Top in White
I have one myself with the Cheap Monday logo but I honestly prefer this because of it's type-only design.

Kim Crochet Eyelet Top
 Prittttty pritty pieeece!! I knew I had to get this when I saw it!! Loving how short and fitted it is for me!! Major major love!!

This time they are giving away a HATERS SNAPBACK!! Ahhhh!! I want it toooo~
all you have to do is follow the instructions on their facbeook page at

Go fill your cart up and check out with "chloe" to receive a 5% off your bill!!


I modelled in these apparels before choosing it for advertorial and I love love love how good all of the quality are!! Wanted to only get the Mesh Top because it was literally love at first sight and the owner told me to pick more items because she wanna do an adv!! You cannot imagine my happiness when I heard that!!

White Back Cable Pullover
Baby skin soft knit that feels perfect in this weather!! You need to get this piece I tell you!!

Mesh Panel Black Top
I think I've worn this top to deathhhhhh even before doing this advertorial!! You can see how much I'm head over heels with this top on my instagram!! HEHE

Swing Chiffon Romper in Black
Watch their space for more colours and prints available!! All of them are super pretty I swearrrrrrr!! I am in loveeeeee with how casual and light and flowy yet dressy feel it has to it!!

You have to scoot over now and snag all these items because now, they have already launched a new collection and that means even more apparels for you to cart out with!! Like their facebook page to get notification whenever they are going to launch a new collection!!

Quote "bitesizemonster" and have your bag of happiness mailed out to you for freeee!!
TP will not be liable for lost postage yahhhhh....


So H for HAPPY when I received this top from them because damnnnnnnn!! the material is pow wow wow!! it's freaking good quality!! It's not your normal cotton material that will be washed out after turns and tosses in the washing machine!!

anw, a little something to take note of!! THE MORE YOU BUY, THE CHEAPER IT GETS!! soooooooooooo gather all your girls and stack the cart up high together!! the more the merrier isn't it?!


Black Cage Lace Shoes
Just like how I adore the cage feature in one of the apparels above, I got my eyes set on this pair the moment I browsed through the site!!

Black Double Rubber Straps Sandals
Just like the me you guys remember me by, there is never one time that I would let a pair of sandals slip away whenever I'm asked to do an adv for shoes so this is no exception!! The thick doublr rubblr feature is so simple yet so bold you'll definitely make heads turn when you strut in these babies!!

They do not only do preorders for shoes but they have a growing range of really interesting items on their site!!
They also very kindly snuck a box of external lens for meeeeeeee!! Got alot alot alot of WOWs when I first took it out to play!!

I got to capture many interesting shots thanks to all these lens!! To be honest, I never really explored with the macro and wide lens function in my camera or anywhere else but when I got these lens, I can't stop mesmerizing over the photos I took with these macro lens and Alex lovesssss taking landscape pictures, god knows whyyyyyyy!!!! cos all there is are trees, clouds, some buildings and on some lucky days, there will be birds. But thennnnnn when I explored with these wideangle lens.......I gotta admit I became more into taking photos of the scenery and things!! They make everything smaller in scale and miniature and the results are amazing!! and need I say anything more about the fish eye lens?? They make your face and photos boggle in the middle and I think it's really good to use it on your dogs or cats because it would make their noses boggle like how cute can it get?!

Speaking of cats and dogs, Shopket gave me a promotional quote that I feel most love for up to date because YOU get to play your part in helping the animals in the shelter. Mdm Wong's shelter in specific. ShopKet will donate a dollar with every shoe purchase!! So why not join them in helping our furry friends in the shelter??

Like them on their facebook page at and follow them on their instagram page @shopket to be notified on the status and updates of their preorders and/or upcoming promotions!!


Number 7 :

High Waisted Jeans in Dark Wash
YOU MUST GET THIS if you're looking for the perfect fitting high waist denim!! Maximum love for this pair of stretchy fit denim!!

Y E A P ! it's so yummy you'll want to lick it all up!!

Suspenders Skirt in White
I don't normally pick skirts out so when I do, it has gotta be really really really special!! and this, I cross my heart and hope to die because I can swear that the mesh feature and detachable suspenders are really a must have!!

Tess Cropped Top in Black
G for gorgeousssssss!! Featuring all the goodness in one piece!!
Mesh top, exposed zip, key hole and bustier front cut How not to love this?!

 Leather Panel Skirt in Black
This is edgy beyond edge. Idk what took me so long to notice this number but when I wore it, I was thinking shit!! this is sick!!!!!!! I mother love this beyond max!! On a scale of 1-10, I love this at 11!!

anw, notice the two shoes featured in this segment?? Yesssahhh I got it from YHF as well!!

Tylor Cut Out Boots
Rock the grunge chick in you or you could wear this with an outfit you think would be over the top kind of girly if you wore pumps or sandals with it and channel the pow wow rocker doll!!

Gian Chained Loafer Platform
Never thought I would love this pair as much as I am loving it now but when I put this on, oh sweet heavens!! I used it for every outfit I could possibly match it with!! and trust me 101% on this but you'll find that this matches with 90% of your outfits!! well, at least this is true for me!!

and if you're wondering where I got my glam slam gold ankle cuffs, it is over at YHF as well!!!!!!! L O V E  I T ! !
I matched it with a barely there nude coloured ankle cut stockings and bam!! the look is instantly multifold 94509124850824760924150912450 times!!

Ankle Cuffs : Set of Two

Also got to keep two rings and you girls can now style your fingers tooooo!! I remember how you girls went crazzyyyyy asking where I got my metal rings from and here's where you can dress your little permanent boners up (HAHA pardon me but this is it when I am soooo f sleep deprived, but funny what!! no?)

Double Layer Ring in Silver + Shield in Silver

Like their facbeook page at to get exclusive preview sneaks and start shopping now!!


Happy shopping on your long awaited Friday!!