Friday, 30 November 2012

Invincible Charade



I am back with an advertorial! whee

This time it is for InvincibleCharade. I'm sure some of you guys have heard of them. If you haven't it's ok because you just did!!

Invincible Charade is a spree site and there are so so soooo many different apparels for you to choose from. It was seriously not easy for me to pick mine out from there and being the extremely fickle-minded me didn't help at all.

I chose a parka and told the owner that I'd like to purchase a white crop top on my own. But she told me the parka was oos so I settled for the same crop top in black. This way, I can have two crop tops!!

So... I was waiting for my parcel and was only expecting these two items to be in it.
But what came in the parcel was..
these two crop tops + a pair of shorts + an anchor bracelet + a beanie + a card.
I'm in love with InvincibleCharade. bible

My brother took the parcel up to my room for me and I was wondering why it was so big.
The parcel arrived at my doorstep on my birthday. It was like extra presents for me!

uh huh!! those following me on instagram would know..
cmon, follow me if you haven't....

Anyway as I unwrapped the parcel, I literally went Ohhh My Godddd. I could really feel my heart beating faster and faster with adrenaline gushing and rushing through my veins.

Ok enough of me blabbering on with the excitement.
time for visuals.

first up! the black crop top that was sponsored
jeng jeng jeng

Pairing the black crop top with my new favorite shorts.

Two other ways I thought you could use to style up for..

A dinner date


a movie date


Next!! The white crop top that I paid for
just thought I might as well include this since they were such lovables to have thrown in so many other items in my parcel.. bliss

Again, pairing it with my grey shorts

And here's how I would style it up for a lunch date!

with my grey bottom

with my panel knickers-style cut shorts


Next next!!

think studs.
think black.
think corduroy.

yes yes!! the number featured on my instagram.
I wore it out the very day I received it on my birthday for dinner!!

Pairing this pair of stark black studded corduroy shorts with the black crop top and denim outerwear.

You can wear this look out for a girl's night out!!
Stand out from the bodycon-dress clan!! meh~
Bring out the grunge-chick in you!

I am in love with the studs attached to it and the fact that it's corduroy.. melts
You'll definitely see me in this for quite a bit.

And what did I say about receiving a beanie and an arm candy..

uh huh!! uh huh!!

This beanie can really keep your head warm. It's december in a few hour's time which means it's time for more rain and {snow}

It's about time you ditch those boring flat beanies!!
This one here looks like cat ears..
Which would only mean you could look and play the role of a meowy-cat all {winter} long.

and if I have never mentioned here that I really like anchors, it's made known now.
Plus point for this arm candy!!

I really really really like how it is made with the super black suede lining.
Makes it really prominently black on my fair skin.
and the bronze anchor exudes a washed out feel.

In the cat ears lookalike beanie

with tied up hair

with free ranging wild flying hair

ending off with my cat claw and my cat beanie

Liked anything here yet?

Yes? then head on down to facebook and "like" InvincibleCharade or join their mailing list for giveaways and updates!!

No? well, too bad. But that does not mean Invincible Charade is bad, it only means you and I don't share the same fashion sense. So all the more you should head on down to InvincibleCharade for more apparels choices because they really have something for everyone!

And here's the deal for my readers!
Quote 'chloechoox' and get $1 off your total bill.

Yup! For my awesomely nice readers, here's a privilege for you!
For my nasty readers, here's how you can totally take advantage of me this time.

just a head's up, they are currently having a open spree so head on down fast because it's closing in 5 days time!!

Have fun there!


Friday, 23 November 2012

Make Me Up!!

Whuddup homies
so as you can decipher from the title of this post..
I'll be posting two make up videos!!

I wanted to do it on friday but was rushing off for a movie with my favouritestboyinthewholewideworld.

Some of you may have already watched it on vimeo..
it was supposed to be a surprise.... mannnn

anw we caught twilight.. holy it was good.

ootd for black friday

bible, the hand poses were coincidental.


now for the videos..

two because, one is done by favouritest and the other by minz.

make up artiste no.1 and his finished 'product'

make up products used

1. Revlon's grow luscious mascara
2. Eyelash curler
3. Laneige water supreme foundation
4. Bobbi Brown pot rouge
5. Maybelline eye brown pencil
6. Topshop kohl eyeliner
7. Nivea lipbum


make up artiste no.2 and her final 'product'

make up products used

1. Bobbi Brown blusher
2. Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Mahogany
3. Laneige water surpreme foundation
4. Revlon's grow luscious mascara
5. Topshop kohl eyeliner


Minz very confidently told me she would do a better job than Alex...

well, you can decide for yourself.

I guess that's it for today.

Some comedy for you there!!


Tuesday, 20 November 2012


I sat beside you, looking at your shadow.
speechless, as the wind raced through my hands
and the headlights shone right through.

the quietest mouths have the busiest minds

Mounting created Bloggif

I'm reckless and careless,
with actions and with words.
I'm tactless and flustered,
everything you are not.
Words spill out as fast as lightning,
I was too slow to contain them.
I'm not sure why you picked me,
or how I possibly deserve this insanely-rad you.
but now that you're here
I hope you stay.

I'd be the crazy one to give you up for anyone else...


Friday, 16 November 2012

Black Hole

Hello wild hearts!!

I apologise for not updating this little space..
Well, I sort of completed my assignments and presentation and my holidays have just started!! freedom

I took a few days off as a breather before this.. but!!
I made something for you guys to make up for all the days that I've missed out on blogging.

I have...

jeng jeng jeng

A new video!! whee


Friday, 9 November 2012

Dress To Impress


Hello Sweet cakes!!
How's your weekend coming along?
Mine is nowhere near fun but I smell a faint tinge of freedom..

For the rest of you carefree birds here's a new site for you to shop at!
jeng jeng jeng

Dress To Impress is a revamped site from the formerly known Fashion Poison.
Head down to Dress To Impress because bible you won't regret.
There's something for every girl!! 
flora to chic to grunge to sweet to cute.. everything

 My top three picks




The rest are in no priority order but still I like them just right

And all these are only a fraction of what they offer..
It's quite a big collection I must say so head on down to dresstoimpress neow! meow!