Friday, 28 June 2013

The Flipping Awesome

Hi kitties!! An exclusive ad for you guys this Saturday because I can't wait any longer to share this webstore with you girls!! This is a new webstore that has just launched their facebook page in the market and in fact, it's so raw and fresh that the website is not ready for viewing. But no worries!! because everything is on their facebook page and I promise you, you won't miss a thing!! I mean you won't want to miss a thing either ways!! 200% guarantee

They are nobody else but

If you don't know what does the chinese words mean, I'll be your translator!!
the first two words mean : fucking
the third word means : good { awesome in this case }
last word means : shop

So put it together, FuckingAwesomeShop
But of cos!! no profanities so they swopped it to Flipping Awesome which will do the job just high fine!!
The owner also briefly mentioned that the concept they have for this shop is pretty simple. Similar to their title for their debut album, Go Awesome or Go Home. That's right!! It's 101% awesome or none at all!!

I personally modelled for them and had the honour to grace their very first shopping album and I must say their stuff are fucking flipping more-than-awesome!!

Here are some of the previews that you can expect to see over at their fb page!!

Yknw, I always have shoots like almost on a daily basis but I've never modelled in their clothes from another webstore before, lika ever

so anw!! go on and like their facebook page and spread the flipping awesome love!!

Check out with my flipping awesome name, "CHLOEINDAHAUS" and get a dollar cut off each item!!


Shop Shop Shop this weekend!!

Hi guys!! I know I missed out on blogging a normal post on wednesday. Super sorry!! not trying to make a big hooha out of it but I've been down with a major cold so everything in my head was woozy. Like I kept thinking yesterday was Wednesday. So just a quick update on what I've been up to since I touched down from bkk. Came back on Tuesday and had a shoot on that day itself, basically I have a shoot every day except this weekend because I'll be out and about on saturday at a flea!! For short and sweet updates on what I'll be selling there, you can watch my space on my instagram!! will also be running a promotion together with bitesizemonster the waffle shop so stay tuned for it!!

Anyway!! Some shops for your weekend shopping!!

First up is my long time advertiser, if you've been following me for a long time this brand would need no introduction!!

Get ready to check out with a whole load of apparels when you enter their site because everything is so pretty!! espeically like the black crop top and the batman tee!! crazy in love with awesome graphic tees now!!

Check out with "ChlowxTPGSS13" to enjoy a 10% cut off your purchases in lieu with their GSS promotion!! but this is only valid for my readers!! wheeeeee!!
Promotion valid till this Sunday 30th June 2013


Next up is a preorder site!! so you can first order from them and then go shopping locally so you can get double the clothes but at different times!! Like while waiting for the clothes to arrive from this preorder site, you can go shopping at the other shops I advertise for first!! you get to kill two birds with one stone when you come to my blog to read on advertorials, good rightttttttt?? *smugassface* hahaha
okok without further ado,

the next webstore I have for you is

I went bait crazy browsing through their items because everything is so nice!! especially the shoes!! I can never never never have enough shoes. The double strap sandals is like an instant eye grabber for me. I scrolled over it like ten over times and stared at it over and over again. Hahaha. Anw, shout out to this webstore, really like how they are making an effort like this help the animals.

please support the above movement ok!! you buy that, you happy, the owner happy, the animal happy. Three parties happy!! all for the price of $19.10!! So worth!!

here's a little sneak preview on what you can expect there!! at pocket friendly price!!

Quote CHLOEx2 to get a dollar off each item!!


Monday, 24 June 2013

And your shopping begins today!! Weekday advs

Hellooo!! just touched down from bkk and I already miss that place:{ didn’t really take much photos this time because I was pretty much familiar with the palce and I’m too lazy and busy to take the photos. you can watch out for more loots I got at the upcoming flea that I'll be attending!! {details a few blogpost below}

anw!! back with a set of weekday advertorial for you dollies!!

1st shop you can start bookmarking down is the jlabel!!

They are a relatively new webstore but they have the prettiest clothes everrrrr. and it's not the sick sweet kind of pretty, it's like the natural pretty kind of pretty. Like the basic pretty.
One good example is their purple mesh top that caught my eye almost immediately when I was scrolling through their web.
I already wore it like twice within a week and that's really rare for me to repeat my clothes within a week!! so this I must say is a keeper!!

thennnnn they also very sweetly snugged in a piece of cherry yellow skater dress for me in the parcel!! Initially I thought like....errrrr yellow? really? I can't pull off yellow for nuts man. Die die die. Buttttttt when I put it on, I kinda like it on myself, no kidding!!

convinced about the part where I said countless times that they have pretty clothes already? bet chaaaaaaa!! head on down to their webby now and have a lookie!!


Second webstore I have for you is a web that I did an ad for before and was told you girls loveeeee the items!! here I have for you....

I got to keep three pieces and two of which are of my favourite prints!! what else but polka dots!!!!!!

So first item I have is the polka romper!! Can I just say how comfy and easy this romper is?! I just super love how it's so convenient and you don't even need to accessorize much at all!!

second item I got to keep is the other polka dot apparel which is a top that is super cute because of it's slight boxy cutting and the pocket of cos!! I love pockets!! andddd the quality is damn good for this top!! you can wear it when you know you'll be feeling cold because the inner part of the top is like quality felt!! super worth it lah this top!!


and the last piece I kept is a really pretty bottom!! yeap you heard it right!! finally a bottom that can match all your gorgeous tops!! I kept the white crochet skirt!! I didn't expect myself to keep this bottom but I just had to because it's too lovely to resist!!

like what you see?! click on to neow and shop their new arrivals!!


Last website I have for you for now is my previous advertiser for many many adsssss that is.......

as usual, the kind owner will always load my parcel full of surprises!! this time with 5x more!! mad love

to kick start the bag of sweets would be....
the cherry top, crazy in love with it!! I mean how cute are the cherries on a scale of 1-10....
1 being the lowest 10 being the cutest, I say 11!!!!!!!! love love love love love this top!!

then one of the surprise in my parcel is this black and white piece that I also adore as well!! So easy to wear it out and it's black and white!!

She also gave me a turqoise coloured top that I find so much comfort in because of the soft material and basic cut!!

I kept for myself this black blouse that I can assure you will be on me more than often because it's the kind of material that I crazy likeeeee!!!!! It's the super liang kind of material and the very insane lightweight kind!! really like this kind of cloth so berry muchhhh!!

I got this white scrunched top as a surprise too in the mail and in my mind because when I held it up I actually didn't know how I could possible humanely decently pull it off but....I must say the top has worked it's way to fit me just right!!

next I got a mesh insert skirt in the parcel as well and if the mesh part isn't enough of an excitement for you...the zip at the back is in neon pink!! very dope!! oh yes and the material....ermahgawd softest thing in the whirllllll

and second last item I got is a pair of jeans. looks black here but it's in a really dark shade of navy blue and y'knw you girls always ask me where I get my own jeans from, now you can have a cheaper alternative to getting your own pair of skinnies!!

Now what's the last item??
Let's have a contest ok!! Send in your guesses to my with your name and email and I'll send you one of the following items of your choice, black and white stripe tee//navy blue jeans//mesh skirt//white scrunchy top//turquoise pocket tee
one guess entry per email and I'll only pick the one with the right guess!! so good luck!!

quote "chloex3" to get a dollar off when you purchase 2 or more items!!