Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Moisture Surge-d Skin

as promised last week in my last video, here's my new video reviewing the hada labo perfect gel after 1 week of usage!!

Sleep is the time when the body repairs itself. During these optimal seven to nine hours of sleep, the body is rested both physically and mentally from a day’s activities. As such, many hair, face and body products are most effective overnight as the body absorbs it better. Hada Labo introduces the new Hada Labo Perfect Gel to replenish the skin’s moisture while you sleep. Being all essence, cream and mask at once (3-in-1), the Hada Labo Perfect Gel is also suitable for daily use with the ability to provide 24 hours deep moisturizing effect with its five main ingredients. The Hada Labo Perfect Gel has a rich cream texture that is non-sticky, allowing your skin to feel light even after applying. Its versatility and effectiveness has won the hearts of so many women that it is No.1Sales in ‘All-in-One’ gel product segment in Japan.

3 Types of Hyaluronic Acid for deep and long-lasting moisturization:
1.  Hyaluronic Acid is able to hold 6l of water per gram, providing intense moisture to the skin when applied.
2. Super Hyaluronic Acid is able to hold 2X as much water than Hyaluronic Acid per gram, providing maximum moisturization.
3. Nano Hyaluronic Acid is able to penetrate deep into the skin, providing long lasting and deep moisture to the skin.
4. As the body’s collagen levels decline, the skin starts to age with wrinkles, large pores and poor skin clarity. The Hada Labo Perfect Gel contains collagen to provide firm, elastic and wrinkle-free skin.
5. Skin that lacks ceramide is often dry,irritated, and often easily affected by the sun and dust in air. Hada Labo Perfect Gel help to hold and repair the surface skin cells together for a healthy, smooth skin.


Here are some pictures of my nails from today's manicure session with

wore this comfy outfit to get my nails done!!

anw I am in L.O.V.E with my new nails!!!!!!!!! I really like how basic yet edgy it is. Super satisfied with my nails and I can't take my eyes off it!! Even Alex said it is pretty!! I've been dreaming of getting these nails for a longggg time now!! So happy Jaezy did this for me!! Super easy to match my outfits because I can go mod or casual or dark or bright with this set of nails!!!!!! There's no exact words that could describe my obsession over my love is exploding like

hahahaha I kept asking Alex to lend me his hands to pose with me...what do I do without you??

you can check out the other nail SWAG designs that Jaezy has done at their facebook page and on their instagram @jaezynails

For the month of August, JAEZYNAILS will be giving their customers a promotion in lieu with national's day!! Get $4.80 off your bill when you spend a minimum of $65!!

I am such a happy girl today!! Finally...a day full of smiles and lotsa loveeeeeee


Monday, 29 July 2013

Come and Get It

Hi sweetpies!!

How has your weekend been? Mine was nothing but shit....... T.T and when I was so absolute about going to school today it had to rain. But I made it to school anyway!! three claps for me!! I miss my holidayssssss.... bootothehoo!!
anw, to drive your monday blues away, I have four websites for you girls today!!

First website up is

remember you guys were like bombarding me with questions as to where I got my floral snapback from?! ERMAHGOODNESSGRACIOUS.... I answered that question on my like a gazillion times!!!!!!! anw, the one that I wore previously was a gift so I don't know where you can get them from. But I found an alternative place where you can get something similar!! and yeap!! right there at roseateposy!! They sponsored me two items and slipped in another pair of slippers...melt
I chose to keep a tee and a floral snapback just so I can do an ad on the snapback for you girls!!!!!!!!

I super love the tee I got and it is none other than...
Love how rebellious this tee is!! and I must admit, it is very me haha I mean I can be like this on my*guilty* I got the tee in size m because I want the super oversized boyfriend tee kinda feel. Wearing it in school now!! Hopefully I remember to take an ootd hahaha but nothing more to say, but I super love this teeeee!!

and here's the floral snapback that I got just to show you girls!!!!!
Pretty rightttttt?!?!?!?!?!?! And their site has more choices!! I went to browse earlier and I saw that they added a new design!! something tropical *Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!* Super FABULOUSOOOOOOOO

I forgot to take picture of the slippers that they gave me because it was in my shoe section and it totally slipped my mind but I'll put up a photo of it when I wear it out soon ok!! it looks something like.... 
it's reallllyyyyyy light and because it is not just straps and straps alone, it's more edgy!!

Tempted already?! I'm gonna order more stuff for myself after I'm down with this ad!!!!!! But first, here's an exclusive promotion for you my readers!!

Follow the easy peasy 3 steps below and get COMPLIMENTARY NORMAL POSTAGE + SNAPBACK { OMG YOU GET A FREE SNAPBACK!!!!!! }
free normal postage does not include bags and shoes

STEP 1 : Join Roseateposy's mailing list 
STEP 2Spend a minimum of SGD 40 in a single order
STEP 3Quote "Chloe" in the order form
*2 lucky winners (1 winner per pre-order) will be selected, the more you spend = the higher chance!!!! so get your friends to combine orders!!
*Winners will be announced on and notified via email
**Don't fret even if you didn't win because you will get an infinity ring/knuckle ring for every order as long as you quote "Chloe"!!
*Only applicable for Pre-order #55 & #56


Second web up for you girls is

Here's a preview on what you can expect over there!! Most of their apparels are at $15.90 or below!! OHMYGOD!! anddddd Mayfair launches a new arrival bi-weekly!!

Quote "CHLOECHOOX" to be entitled to complimentary normal mail


Third webbie up for ya isssss

A new webstore online that you should bookmark down!! Again, I chose two items and the very kind people behind this slipped another piece in!! Super sweet cheery pieces they have at pocket friendly prices!!

First piece that caught my eyes is the ROSE BUD Tee in White
I know it's kinda pink and sweety-pie for the normal me but I thought it might be good for me on days I wanna be a real barbie girl hahaha

Second piece that I chose is another flowery piece hahaha idk, guess I was feeling extra floral hahaha but nope!! not another piece in pink!! It's a very very very sunny and pretty dress!!!!!!! I crazy love the colors combi and the cutting is G R E A T ! ! It's a playful skater skirt cutting that's super good for a picnic or a date out!! Here's the very gorgeous POCKETFUL OF DAISIES DRESS

Last piece that they sent over is similar to a piece that I have but you girls have also been bombarding me on where to get that piece......Here's a more bank account friendly alternative!! and honestly, I prefer this to the one I have because this one is more flowy and lighter!! This is their DOUBLE POCKET BLOUSE in White

Wanna start hitting their site and filling your shopping bag already?? Bet chaaaa!!!!!
Here's their direct link to their collection!!

Like their facebook page for updates on their next collection because I'm sure it'll be as amazing as well!! Follow them on instagram @shophellomello if you're a photo maniac!!

Heads up for you girls!! Receive complimentary normal postage when you follow the two simple steps below!!
1. Like the FB Page

A little sneak preview for you!!


Last but not least......nnnoooopppeeee!! not another apparels site!! Why?! because with all these shopping going on, we are missing an important something in between out!!!!!! You check your shopping cart out with so much stuff so obviously you'll want your items to reach you SAFELY yes?? So calling out to all webstore owners!! Here's your one stop station!! { Hold on and read on!! }
What about us, the shoppers who always have piles of clothes left in the wardrobe bought out of impulse?? You'd want to sell your clothes off yes?? And you'll need envelopes yes??

And now, here's a site that you can get all of these pretty mediums to transport your items!! Yeeerrrrrp!! I'm talking about POLYMAILERS!! offers you insanely pretty polymailers!! I remembered asking the receptionist at singpost if they have this but as usual....singpost doesn't have anything. zzzzzz I was thinking of getting these polymailers for a long time now!!
If you're still clueless what polymailers are, they are basically plastic envelopes!!

Why choose polymailers??
LIGHTER { save on postage cost !! }
MORE DURABLE and WATERPROOF { won't tear like paper envelopes }
SELF ADHESIVE { save the hassle of finding glue, tape and what not!! }

I was sent a whole bag of different sized and coloured polymailers and I swear, I was super impressed with them all!! Super convenient when I send my parcels out to the girls who order clothes from me!!

I fit in some clothes for your references and I wrote the number of tees I got to fit into each polymailers!! Of cos, the number of apparels will differ depending on the items you're putting into the polymailers. I just used the average cotton tees ok for a rough gauge!!
Some of them have a ++ beside the number because when I filled the bags up, there was still space so if you can squeeze in more, feel free!! but disclaimer, if you're intending to put a thick jacket in, please don't expect it to fit as many!!

My favourite one has to shiny silver one that I managed to fit 2 cotton tees with space left!! Alex even made a comment that went like "eh?! wah why so nice the envelope?!" and I totally gave him the smug smile hahaha

I also really like the yellow one because it's super duper spacious and sunshine-ish!! I really like how vibrant and bright the colours are for all the polymailers!! Makes the receiver really happy too!! But of cos, there are the monochrome colours ones for the more mod-styled blogshops!!

For people doing mega scaled business, you may want to check this link out x because there are further discount for people who order in bulk!! 

Little Dollhouse don't only sell polymailers!! They are literally your one stop pit to get your whole packaging done!! They offer customised stamp services as well!! More details on the different options you can choose for your company's stamp can be found here x !!

Check out with "chloe2013" to be entitled to a $3 discount off your purchase!!
This is a one time promo code which is valid only for purchases above $30.