Monday, 26 August 2013

Doll Up Head to Toe

Helllooooooooo rosy cheeks!!
Back with my weekday ad!! Sorry there wasn't any ads on friday hahaha... anyway, I've been updating my blog as often because I'm busy preparing for something even bigger!! yerpppp super excited for it to finish but it's quite a lonnngggg process.

anywayyyyy!! today's threads of ads would cover you from head to toe. ok, not your toes, just till your knees maybe??

Starting off with your hair!!
Here's a household brand that nobody would not know!! You see it everywhere!!
and I have

Essential - the Damage-care brand that repairs and protects your hair to the last 15cm (usually the oldest and most damaged)

They sent over a realllyyyy pretty package!! Nothing I was expecting!!

It was literally a "cupboard" and there was four products inside it!! How cute right?!

Starting with the first product!! ~Nuance Airy Hair Leave On Treatment

Second ~Rich Premier Hair Leave On Treatment

Third and Fourth ~Nuance Airy and Rich Premium Intensive Hair Masks

Fight unruly and your tangled mess of hay 

with these products and achieve healthy glossy soft tresses!!

Here's your step by step guide to achieving your dream soft hair!!
disclaimer : I'm only using a small portion of my hair for demonstration purposes

Step 1 : Starting off with your damp freshly shampoo-ed hair {towel dry your wet hair for best result}

Step 2 : Scoop an adequate portion and apply on your hair !! Do not apply hair mask on scalp because it will cause your scalp and hair to be very oily !!

Step 3 : Leave on for 5 mins {Use the hair mask 3 consecutive days before and after any chemical treatment to minimise the damage to your hair} if not {recommended to use 1-2 times a week}

Step 4 : Rinse the product off your hair thoroughly and towel dry your hair again

Step 5 : Apply the leave on treatment on your hair !! Do not wash the product off !!

The above steps apply all the same for the rich premier range!!

The leave on treatment from the rich premier range is slightly different from the nuance airy range because it is thicker and creamier

Here's a close up for you to compare!! Both sides are totally dry but the bunch on the right looks so much more tamed and sleek!! The left bunch just screams "FOREST FIRE!! SOMEBODY CALL 911!!"

Product Features
1. New and improved formula with Advance Cuticle Care Technology that provides concentrated repair care for damaged hair, especially the last 15cm which is particularly damage-prone
2. Contains High Purity Honey for moisture and manageability
3. Contains Shea Butter to repair dryness, breakage and split ends
4. Newly-added Heat Damage Care ingredient

Get your tub of goodness now in all leading supermarkets, hypermarts and pharmacies for just $9.90!!


Moving on from your hair, next would be your face yes?
Another household brand that even your grandmother would know!! I mean who doesn't know....

Here's an upcoming product from NIVEA that you should look out for!! I'm so happy to be able to try it out first!! I have been using nivea during my secondary school days, from their facial foam to their body cream to their deodorant and their lip balms!! You literally see this brand in every single store selling domestic products.

Anw this is their new upcoming product!!
NIVEA Aqua Effect Refreshing Cleansing Mousse

Bi-polar weather, Humidity, Stress and What nots causing you to break out?!
Having dry skin? Excessively oily skin?

Fret not!! 
cos I have the solution for you!!

You know how I always emphasize on the need to have a deeply hydrated and moisturised epidermal layer {skin} especially more for your face. I know the weather has been acting really temperamental leaving us and our skin to be so confused!! But no worries if your skin is hydrated enough because then it would be more adaptable to the external changing factors!!

With hydrated skin, your make up will glide on easier and naturally stay on longer!!
Say bye to break outs once you've achieved your optimum level of hydration in your skin!!
Lastly, HELLO to smooth clear bouncy skin!!

This new formula from NIVEA contains Vitamin E & Hydra IQ. The gentle foam feels smooth and soft during application. It deeply cleanses the skin and removes all dirt particles. At the same time, the light fragranced creamy texture foam doesn’t dry out your skin or make it feel uncomfortably tight. Skin is now moisturized!!

The Hydra IQ in this product stimulates the generation of new aquaporins in the skin. Aquaporins are tiny water channels which transport water into and out of the skin cells for the optimum and lasting hydration of even the deepest layers of the skin. It also contains Vitamin E, an anti-oxidant that provides protection against negative external influences.

Start and finish your day with the NIVEA Aqua Effect Refreshing Cleansing Mousse:  

Cleansing in the morning is to remove sebum and grease deposits that form on the skin overnight. Cleansing in the evening is important because it helps remove makeup debris, sebum and general daily grime.
After cleansing its best to use a toner. It not only clarifies and prepares the skin for the application of a moisturizer but it also wipes off the lime scale residue from the tap water. Then apply a day or night cream and massage it into your skin. Ideally, you should use a cleanser, toner and moisturizer in the same range, e.g. the NIVEA Aqua Effect range.

Retailing at $14.50 for 150ml, the product will be only available at Guardian from October 2013


Lastly, a place where you can find pretty little clothes to start dolling up!!

I found a couple of apparels that are so tempting already just scrolling through their new arrivals tab on their website!! 
Here are two items that they sent over!!

A pretty preppy top that is so gorg!!!!!!!
gotta say this top is quality assured!! and I love the fit of this!!

the eyelet details on the top turns the notch up from basic to dressy basic

Second piece I got to keep is their self-manufactured OMBRE LACE CUT OUT DRESS in BLUE 
really pretty shade of royal blue and it is so good for any tea parties, girl's day out or even an outdoor wedding!! 

Be sure to like their facebook page to get updates on their upcoming collections!!
For photo queens, you can follow them on instagram @danityroses

Check out with "chloechoo" and get the ombre dress at $28 instead of the U.P $30
& for those who are getting other apparels as well, you are entitled to a dollar off each item using the same promo code!!