Thursday, 31 January 2013

Trading Past

Hello hello!!
back with an advertorial for...

jeng jeng jeng

so yes!! trading past it is!!

gonna start unwrapping the parcel~


First piece : Sequinned knitted top

Omg you have no idea at all how pretty the sequins are on the top. It is like a fairy just dusted her glitter on you. It is that pretty!! but pity I can't capture the sequins.

The effect is very subtle and I categorize it under my favourite group of style "dressy basic"

so I wore it to school the next day I received it, just too excited!!

I paired it with my new denim knicker shorts
the ol'school way


and if you're looking for something more va va voom...
then pair it with the sequined shorts!!

This is my new twist on denim on denim
the revolutionary....sequins on sequins!!


Second piece that came in the parcel was....

Another knit top!! just can't get enough
ok, only this one is the cropped version

I tried but the colour of the top turned out so dark.
It is actually in the shade of a dark olive/army green

Paired it with a high waist black suede studded shorts for that extra oomph!!

if you wanna go to the light side then I have for you my high waist light denim cut offs


last but not least... which is also my favourite piece

the burgundy leatherette skirt
yeah..totally matching my hair

and not to forget the pocket feature.
I love my bottoms with pockets.. they provide my awkward hands a place to sit

I topped it off with a black graphic muscle tank to keep things casual

On days when you wanna dress up more, you could tug a long chiffon top like I did..


and that pretty much sums up what I have in my parcel...

I've just went over to their website and saw that they have already launched their new collection for chinese new year. I just scrolled through once and three apparels already caught my eye. You don't wanna miss those goodies out!!

Head on to their facebook page and give them a like!!
you really don't wanna miss their upcoming collections out

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and where do you go now??

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  1. hi Chloe ! where can i purchase the silver sequins shorts? do advise ! thank you !