Saturday, 26 January 2013


Hey yo!! back to proper blogging..
so let's start with my ootds for the week.

teaming up with the monday blues

went to meet my prince charming in this "prince charming dress" in courtesy form stephieshop

belted up in this corduroy olive outwear in courtesy from shopkloth

dressed up in a dark grey high neck key hole dress

in my little flower dress on my last working day of the week


my best eat this week...

pancakes that motherman made!!

ok, actually this is some taste testing thing because something is coming up...
something exciting in tentatively, march.


and some photos of my little furry bestfriends

little kimmy gnawing on her milk bone

 see my little selfish bugger, snugging her milk bone so tightly

then there's my handsome boy

look at his hazelnut brown eyes

and cory, our angry bird


whenever I'm bored or whatever, I'll look back at my photobooth photos and this set of photos with Alex always get me smiling silly to myself...

{ 1 } this is Alex giving me his middle finger because I was busy on my phone instead of taking photos with him.. ugh

{ 2 } so my turn!! time to flip my middle finger out~
think I never see......

{ 3 } so anyhoohoo I entertained him by giving him my sunniest smile ever...
still give me face..

{ 4 } you see!! you see!! when I'm camera ready, he still give me the annoying face

{ 5 } then this boy wants to up the game, returns the same face... good game good game

and that's about it lah... 
so I'll end off with our annoying faces together.

power pact team

and ok I'll really end it off with my face

have a whooping saturday!!


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