Monday, 4 February 2013

Shank Kew

Shank kew everybardy once again for your support in my hairdye preorder!!

This time's preorder was alot bigger and I can't thank all of you enough!! All my customers are sooooo nice and courteous like whhhhut....

So yes, I've mailed out the first batch today!! and will continue doing so tomorrow!!

The bag of parcels is too heavy so I split it into two in priority of the timing you girls paid. So all's fair ok.

Hopefully Singpost doesn't cock up and delay the mailing of the parcels. I really wish all of you can get it before cny so you can have colourful hair!!

And yes, for this time's preorder, I made my own label!!

and fickle minded me couldn't decide on one design

so you will get to see either one of these

so happy that I finally got down to doing up my own "label" although it is a really small thing.

Ok that pretty much sums it up!!

Thank you once again dolls!!


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