Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Ask Us!!


Just decided to do something more interactive with you guys!!
So..... the thing is

You'll get to ask Alex and I as many questions as you want, we'll pick 10 out and we'll answer you in a video next week!!

no, we are normally friendlier than this

To join in the fun!! Just shoot us any questions in this format :

"AC : Your question"  and send them to my account!!

This is only meant for people with genuine questions and interest in us
 and all rude comments and negative personal opinions that-you-self-righteously-think-we-give-half-a-flying-hoot-about-but-in-fact-no-fucks-will-be-given won't be aired. So kindly refrain from giving us any unnecessary, repulsive comments yea? Pretty sure your mother would've told you this, keep it to yourself if it's nothing good. It's suppose to be a fun thing so don't be a spoil sport pwease!!

Questions are welcomed till next monday 15th April 2013 so start askingggg~


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