Saturday, 13 April 2013

Blackheads Be Off!!

Aloha love bugs!!

I know that most of us are constantly looking for a solution to get rid of blackheads!!
and honestly not bragging but I didn't have blackheads till I inquisitively tried the blackhead removal pore pack because when I was in secondary school everyone was like discussing which brand is better and stuff and I wasn't in the same frequency as them, sadly. hahaha yes very stupid reason... I was young and stupid once and curiosity killed the cat T.T

ever since I used the pore pack blackheads began sprouting out on my nose ok!! and I was sooooo regretful but luckily for me, mine isn't that bad of a deal still.

So recently, Alex asked me if I have any pore pact at home but I told him I don't use it so I went onto google and searched for blackhead removal methods.

I randomly clicked on a link and it showed me a page full of home remedies, I read a few of them out and he went to try one of them. Initially I was really skeptical but he said it worked.

I went on to try it the next night and yea-ahhh it miraculously works!!

so I thought y'all would be interested to know so here I am sharing this little not-so-secret secret

what is the magic thing we used?

It's none other than the
TOOTHPASTE in your bathroom

I'm using the new launched product from Colgate

I thought it was an added incentive that it is meant for teeth whitening so maybe it will whiten my nose too? I don't know if that logic applies here but since it's the toothpaste I'm using so might as well

This toothpaste has micro beads in it so it could exfoliate my skin as well, I guess??

but you could just use the toothpaste you have at home, just don't use the ones for kids and expect it to work...

and for me, it eradicates all the blackheads so effectively and all you need is 3-4 mins maybe longer depending on the seriousness of your case

apply a thin layer enough to cover your skin area and that's basically all you need

Dry or wet skin? I'm not too sure but the both of us used it on damp skin

thing is, you will experience a super ultra cooling effect so much so that you'll find it burning but it's only normal!! and I don't think it's good to use it everyday because it will dry your skin out so use it moderately!!

let me know if it works!!


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