Monday, 8 April 2013

Brush It Off

Whudddddup!! Finally back with a proper post!!
As promised, it will be on a facial product that I recently discovered!!

Before I jump into that, I used to use the Olay brush but I found the bristles abit too harsh and hard for my skin...

I got it because I read many online reviews on it and it was suppose to be good...
but nooooo it's so hard:{ and sometimes when I press too hard on my skin, it will tear ok:{

but recently..... ding ding ding
I chanced upon another facial brush and I thought it would be the same as the Olay one but I just got it anyway to try my luck

and errrrrmahhhhgawdddd
it's realllllyyyy good

so what's it?

jeng jeng jeng

Yes rather random but it was a really pleasant surprise!!

the bristles are sooooo soft. I couldn't stop touching it when I first opened the box and I ordered the package with the bb cream sponge head. The bb cream sponge head one isn't that good to me cos I still prefer using my fingers to apply my foundation but this cleansing brush is dabomb

I actually wanted to blog about this to share it with you guys the moment I received this but I thought I'll just try it out first and be the genuine pig. And yes yes yes!! get it!! I have to use it once every single night!! Not more, not less. I'll feel weird and dirty if I don't use it. Maybe it's psychological but oh wells, it works so good for me!!

abrupt end but yup!! that's the end of it!!

oh yes, I got it from gmarket and I got it for about $50+? and the Olay one was $40+?
so comparatively, just a few more moolahs and you get a really good one!!

Hopefully this helps!!


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