Monday, 1 April 2013

Eat Your City

Hey yo nigggggaaaassss!!
As promised, this will be a proper blog post and....
I have nothing more than food places reviews. I mean what else other than food can everyone relate to?

This time I have three places!!

First venue was at Nabins!! and sorry but the place was rather dim and iphone 4 was all I had...

it was such a scorching hot day and we went rounds just to get there because my friend on the left knew the place but she didn't know how to get there. Thank goodness for the singapore street directory app i have in my phone that I asked her to install soooo many times but she refuses to...

if you're wondering, Nabins serves Arabic food and the whole place is a damn chill place

super comfy with all the cushions that I just zonked out for one and half hours close to two hours there after I ate...adding to the fact that I didn't really have enough sleep for the past million years

so first thing we ordered were the drinks because we were some thirsty camels..

it's like ice blended milk and honey...
everything is great except I think they added alittle too much carnation milk and I got abit blah after sipping a few mouthfuls in... I love the honey though

so we proceeded to order our food and it took so long I think the chef went to catch the ingredients one by one?! I would've fell asleep then if not for my starved stomach

kill time...

yes, I was about to murder her because the weather was burning me alive...

anti-soial woman is anti-social just hang by herself at one corner zzz

finally.....the food arrived. it just felt like a century after

we shared the above platter and ermahgawd...I had max 8 pieces of those and I felt sick in my stomach already. I really can't take any overdose of fried food. I wish soap was edible, I would totally down ten bottles of soap to clear the oil

below are both their main dishes... so thankful I didn't order anything else for myself

both of their main dish consisted of lamb ok... I kept going OMG how can you eat the cute sheep?! meh meh mehhh I repeated that phrase like a hundred times, still they gobbled the poor sheep down

that's really about it cos I just went into hibernation mode right after and it was daytime full blast sun on when my eyes closed but when I opened it again, where da mr sun go to?!

if you're interested... but if you ask me, I won't go back again unless you wanna chill and sheesha you can check the place out it's at

27 Bali Lane  Singapore 189863

just please don't eat the poor lamb


Second place is over at vivo!! and if you noticed, it originates from the same country as one of the food places I wrote about in the previous entry

and it's none other than thai fooooood
yes I loveeeee thai food if I haven't already emphasised that enough

this place is one of the many places I'd recommend going to

I ordered seaood tom yam for 1 pax and when it came I made this statement "so small the portion it feels like I'm being forced to diet" but omg?! miraculously, when I finished the whole bowl of soup and half my rice, I was already full to the brim which is quite unusual because the tom yam soup opp my school is twice the size and I normally am only full when I finished that bowl of soup...

also highly highly recommend the tom yam because it is gooooood...but the best tom yam award goes to nakhon kitchen for those of you who know {sidetrack, my mother got me a bowl of tom yam from nakhon kitchen on friday and yes, it just reconfirmed my love for their tom yam soup}

phat thai which tasted alittle too sweet very much like our local char kuay tiao but thinner strips of kuay tiao haha but not bad!! pass pass!! good for those who don't take spicy food just don't mix in the chill flakes

no matter what.... I still always manage to expand my stomach and squeeze in some room for desserts especially thai desserts...
waiting for my dessert to be served...cos I just need it to complete my meal

still waiting....zzz

 ah yes babes!! come to mama
luckily we only one portion to share because by that time, we were already quite full but pig us, just need the sweet little thing to finish off the job

it's super duper good I tell you!! Must eat it when you're there!!

those who wants good thai food and if you're around that area...
please go try!! it's at Vivo City #02-145/146
1 Harbour Front Walk Singapore 098585


ok, last place!! I think most of you already know this place...

it was good friday and we really didn't expect any queue...holy crap when we reached, the queue was as if strictly was giving out free pancakes or something and everyone just wanted to sit inside...but smartass us chose to sit outside because it was ridiculous to be waiting in a line that never seemed to move for two small seats indoors

outdoor isn't half as bad as you think it is... I mean we got the fresh air but it was realllyyyy hot and humid that day god why god?

nutella shake that was....ok. and the heat outdoors just took away the coolness of the ice blended drink. meh

we shared one cup and still couldn't finish it

garlic and herb prawn on the pancakes. Ok, it sounds weird but it's good. If you want normal sweet pancakes, just go to macdonalds because I honestly think the pancakes are the same in fact, I prefer macdonald's pancakes

crabcake sandwiched in pancakes...
ok no, please don't order this if you don't like spices and herbs. The freaking crabcake has this overwhelming spices taste and I find it too overpowering for me to enjoy it. I'd rather just have maple syrup and butter in this case

and we wore the same creepers out...... ok sorry random

and I'm done with my post!!

if you wanna give strictly a try you can head to 44A Prinsep Street Singapore 188674 { the one I went to } or 81 Upper East Coast Rd Singapore 455220

and it's good to make reservations because it's not really queue friendly there, I was melting under the intense heat then...


okidokzx!! I'm done with my food reviews!! and I already have in mind what I'll be blogging about next... hiak hiak hiak



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