Friday, 5 April 2013

The Petite Rose

Hiiiiiiiiiiiii heh heh okok!! 
last ad for the week then I'm off for some time to recuperate tomorrow and then I have a flea on Sunday. Come ok?! Details on my instagram!!

ok back to main topic!!

Gonna be introducing  a new webstore!!

I kept a few stunning pieces from them!!

{ 1 } Cut in tank which I wore a few days ago to school and ermahgawd I love the cutting so muchhhhhh~ the racer cut accentuates your shoulder bone making you look more structured so nice

yes, apparently very happy with my ribbon bow that sadly only lasted for this one shot

I think it fits the current fashion trend now so much : the off duty model look
but I also think it's such an essential piece in the wardrobe!!


{ 2 } Bits of Flowers Dungaree

I cannot tell you enough on how much I like this fit...You know I model for blogshops and I've tried all the different kinds of cutting and shapes and styles and this one.. fits just nice!!

I was quite scared at first because I thought it will be quite big for me but to my very pleasant surprise it fits me really well!!

Wore it with a grey tank cos nowadays the crazy sun is scorching us like it literally feels like hell down here my goodness but yay to clothes like these, making space for some air

and on days when it rains or if you already know you are going to be in an airconditioned room {lucky you}, you can wear a something more covered inside and in this case, I wore a chiffon long sleeve to decorate myself haha


{ 3 } Zig Zag Romper

Loving the skirt illusion it gives~
and so easy to wear because it is already so full of pattern by itself, takes little effort to further accessorize

yessssah!! got the ribbon bow again!! hee!! cheap thrills


andddd I am doneeeee!!

like their facebook page to get future updates!!

and don't forget their instagram @ThePetiteRose

and and and

Quote Chloe_tpr at check out for complimentary normal postage!!

ok now you may fleet over


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