Thursday, 25 July 2013

Ecstatic Shopping

Good morning angels...
got up early to do this ad for you girls!!

can start shopping now before your weekend gets so jammed with parties and events!!

first webbie up for you would be

yerp!!!! did an ad for them before and very happy to be doing it again for them!!
I got to keep 4 items from them!! super happy!!!!!!

1 : Sunshine yellow skorts
Super cute piece for this summer!! ok fine...Singapore is summer 365days so definitely a keeper!! I like how this is so quirky and I'd call it pudding skort. I don't know but it's soooo retro and cute!!

2 : Flora embroidered sleeve top in navy
Another piece that's really good for the crazy heat here because the material is super thin and airy!! And this piece is casual enough to hit the heartland malls with a pair of denim cut offs or you can dress it up with a leather trimming vest, black skinnies and combat boots. or you can match the dark navy with a white bottom!!

3 : Supreme crop top
When I saw this, I was f excited?! like supreme but cropped. Friday I'm in love~ I wore it out the very day I got this cos I'm like head over heels with it. Ok fine, I get excited when I see anything "supreme" suckerforlife Love the length for this top!! Super love!!

4 : Fu *double-c* k tee in white
my latest addition to my shopping cart with them because it is from their new collection that was launched on their new website!! I like how the double cs have been incorporated in the print for this!!

loving their items already?? click on to their new site domain!!

just a head's up!! they are having a mega sale over at their newly revamped site!!

up to 80% off their items!!!! and items are going for as low as $5 *ahhhh pulls hair and screamsssss like a little girl!!*

Quote "chloechooxxlbr" for a 5% off your purchase!!
promo only valid for regular priced items

go visit them at!!


Second place to head to is

I got to keep a piece from them and it's a.....

white cut out romper!! *pops champagne*
with a little surprise at the back!!

I like how the bottom is rather flared because it looks like a dress but it's a romper. hahaha

Their site also features loads and I mean loads of pretty girly rompers!! so head on down and start shopping!!

Quote "CHLOEXTWP" to receive 10% discount!!


Third for this weekend would be a preorder site... in fact one of my favourite preorder sites because I literally wanna check out with 99% of the items there!! Never failing to lit up when they approach me for advertorials!!
This is none other than

I got to choose two items from them and they gave me two other rings that I'm sure you girls will like!!

1 : Graffiti Printed Tee
On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do I adore this top? 11!!!!!!!!!!!! When I saw this, I was 101% absolute that I wanna keep this!! even if I have to buy this, I would!! I crazy love the banana print especially!! Wore this out the other night for supper and I swear amongst the crazy crowd, I was the most colorful!!

hahaha playing with the big pink lips

my attempt to create eyes...

2 : Paperbag denim shorts
I paired this with a few tops for my previous advertorials and have been getting questions on where I can get the bottom from ever since!! If you've been looking for this pair, look no further!!

3 : Metallic Strappy Sandals
remember I posted a picture of my ootd a few days ago?? I got friends texting me asking me where I got my sandals from.... like there were multiple enquiries on where they can get the exact pair!! I really really really like the metallic feature on this pair!! Not forgetting the metal buckle that awang used in his designs!!

4 : Infinity sign rings
yeap!! very kindly, they gave me two infinity signs rings one in silver and gold!!

Their preorder site is massive!! so head on down!! but before that, if you're as big a fan as myself for the graffiti printed tee... I have something for you!!

To win:
1) Like Oops, Kooky's facebook page!
2) 'Like' and 'Share' this photo
3) Comment 'Like and shared!' along with your email address in the comment box

Giveaway ends 1 August, Thursday at 8pm!!
Only 1 winner for this so get your act together and hurry participate now!! Good luck!!

Dive into the preorder page at right away!!

Check out with "Chloe1off" to be entitled to a dollar off in your total purchase!!


Lastly, here's!! Funny how this is on the friday post!! heee
I posted an ootd yest in one of them items and here's where you can get it from!!

Remember this??

yyyeeerrrrpppppppzzzzz!! get yours from thefridaybest!! I love the cut and the length of this dress!!!!!!! andddddd the prints!!!!!!!! I felt extra girly yesterday when I wore this to school cos I'm normally in my monochrome colors!! But to balance up, I paired it with my brother's converse so I still got that "boy" in me hahaha. and best thing about this is, under the skirt bottom is a shorts that is sewn in together!! so nope, there's nothing to worry about if the wind decides to blow your way!! Crazy adore the cutting of this dress so much so that I don't mind having 10 of the same dress in different prints!!


2 : Strip crop top { launched next week!! }
what's there not to like about this top?! I mean it's fits just right and it's comfy and it's stripey!! I paired it with the clashing patterns, polka dots for a really quirky get up!! or you could pair it with a plain black faux leather high waist shorts!!

TFB launch every friday and catch their exclusive deals on their site because the items on the deal's page would all be fixed at $16 flat!! TBF also provides complimentary normal postage!! so join their mailing list to receive prompt notifications yea!!

Like their facebook page at and on their instagram @thefridaybest to be in the loop on their new collections and promotions they are going to run!!

Check your shopping cart out with "CHLOETBF10OFF" to get a 10% discount on your purchases!!
Promo not applicable for deals and sales items!!

Exit to the links now!! Happy shopping shopaholics!!



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  2. Hi chloe,

    did you get your supreme crop top with lastbusride?
    I can't seem to find it on their website. Pls help x