Friday, 2 August 2013

Short and Sweet

Hey girls!!

Short and sweet ad post today!! Wanted to write a post about something else today but I was too caught up with taking picture so please make do with the ads for now!!
Oh yes, a quickie!! School has been taking a god damn toll on me I've never felt more tired and unorganized in my head before....jesus christ Have been feeling very unmotivated to do anything for school because I'm too used to my working life. I have so many plans I wanna execute but I gotta put it on hold because of school. One more year.......My god. I hope I survive

neeways!! here's a shopping site for you that I previously advertised for!! they were previously known as but they are upgrading their site so for the time being, everybody please move to the blogspot domain to shop!!

in case you don't know yet, shopsolitaryride is a preorder site and they have tons of gorgeous things!! The range is from yourself to your phone and to your boyfriend/brother like OMG?? so much to shop!!!! you can search for my previous ad post done for them in the search box over at the top right hand side of my blog!! I'm still loving every piece of item I got from them very much!!

Like their facebook page at to get the latest updates from them asap!!

anddddd the very generous and kind owner said that the discount quote to my name is NEVER ENDING!!!!!! means there won't be a cut off date for my readers!! How sweet is that?! to refresh your memory.... you can quote "CHLOE " and be entitled to a 5% discount off your purchase!!


Secondly, this is no website to go to but you can head on down to their instagram account to get your slimming solution!! @slimmingsoap1

They have many authentic reviews included on their instagram as well. ALL INSTOCKS! Ps: Their GSS promo sales 4 for $30 has been extended till 10 August! Don't miss out! Usual price is $8 per bar of soap."

Disclaimer: I did not try the soap out so this is an ad and not a review ok. The results may or may not differ from each individual so please clarify all your enquiries with the owner.

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