Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Hi! So the stats on my blogviews appeared and I'm really happy and appreciative that there are really people out there reading my blog *chuckles*. The numbers are not inclusive of my own views cos I do view it after posting each time to check and read through that everything is nicely laid out.

I wanted to do a blog post yesterday but was sooo soo so tired. 
Yea, you get the level of tiredness. 
Some shots from today morning before heading out.

Different from the ones on my instagram today so you won't have to see it double times.

 I went for my second shoot with war yesterday and I'm so stoked for the collection to be up! I pray that I look less chubbier. In the mean time, anyone has any suggestions at all to help me lose my fats?! I am not trying to get praises from anyone when I say I want to lose fats, I honestly think I need to lose some fats. I didn't say I'm fat, I just think I have fats to lose.
Anyhoo! I hope you guys like my face on WAR's website 
if not I'll be out of job :'< sobs.

My own pictures from yesterday's shoot

In love with the cap.. Cute right?!

I also cannnnnot wait for ISYB's collection to be up cos it'll be my face again! hee. shameless...
I'm truly apologetic for the over excitement and ecstasy that's taking over me.
hmm but that'll probably be my last shoot with them :< sobs even more.

and two preview photos I stole from ISYB's facebook page for their upcoming collection

on a lighter note, I'm one who looks forward to opening formspring because it amuses me how people's minds think and function like, their thought process and the kind of things that intrigues them and things that they wonder about, questions that they have. I like asking and I like being asked. But nothing too personal please. Random, harmless and fun questions do just fine.

Sooo drop me a question today!!

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