Sunday, 28 October 2012

Never Ending

Good Sunday there caramels!

I've been so so soooo excited to do this post because I have been spending every single day with my favouritest and here's what we have been doing for the past one week+

Starting the string of exhilaration

Prata for supper
Saturday off to watch "perks of being a wallflower"

My favorite favorite faaaavvvourite pair of footwear broke.. </3
I had tears in my eyes when I threw it away :'<

Eating my favourite with my favouritest. Life is good~

First picture taken together *chuckles*
Sunday around bugis cos the cotton candy came and fetch me from my shoot
Ma Maison it was.. yet again. The terriyaki burger is yum to the maximum.
There's only two items that I will order from the whole menu.
Terriyaki burger and Pancakes with banana and whipped cream.
Just too good.

So handsome I cannot get enough..

Post dinner - Mochi

Mango yoghurt - 3 out of 5

Dark chocolate - negative 2 out of 5

And look who's got a new pair of slippers! whee~
Monday we went to paint the town red after he fetched me from another shoot
too sweet

That watermelon sat there and accompany me amongst the sea of girls while I got my gelish done.
Watermelon is my favourite fruit just FYI

Rubbing my blueblack that I got on Sunday
Swear he was trying to break my leg into half
Tuesday we went to Ikea!
Been so long

Blue plate's mine.. Cos I don't eat pork at all.
Left me no choice but to order from the halal side. I got weird stares from the other patrons as well as the guy who took my order ok..

Then.. MTPS impromptu style
He couldn't stop fretting

My wallpaper.. hee

My brother totally unimpressed by the hearts effect

He decided to kill me one more time using his bruce lee strength to rub my bruise
Wednesday to paragon for dinner with a fraction of my family

I was too busy catching up with them I didn't bother about the food

Thursdays we went to see his family jeng jeng jeng
We went holland v and I couldn't stop reminiscing of the time I stayed there:<

Town had us on Friday again! This time to OC!

Sat to town again~ OC again
tried this pizza place
3 out of 5

Sunday, that's today!
Honey toast fetched me from shoot and we came back home
first time we stepped in here at 8pm
good job, pats back

I just had to post this picture up, I look so unglam but I think I look so happy. 
Like genuinely happy

That's all. So draggy~ 
Like doing this in the middle of the night isn't any help. Plus him watching me write a post about us..not cool at all~ 
But ok fine, given at least he's beside me. Hee


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