Sunday, 30 December 2012


Hi hundreds and thousands.

so 2012 is coming to an end and it's the first year where I make the effort to think back.
normally for me, I tend to just look forward to the next day, the future instead of thinking back. It's probably a self-defense mechanism that I build up over the years. It's painful to have throwbacks and be reminded of bad things. Really, just bad things.

but this year, because of my blog and readers I sort of psyched myself to do a throwback on the past weeks and days and hours and minutes and seconds of 2012.

Very honestly, the start of the year seemed very much like a blurred vision in my head and I can't think of anything that happened then.

So I'm going to start from where I can remember.. {which very much starts somewhere around May where I made the effort to start bookmarking dates in my iPhone} only thing I remembered was me signing up to take my driving license

May.. The month where I started looking for a part time job because I was having a long break from school and was thus seen working in cotton on. I was so happy when I first got the job because the pay is so much higher than most retail shops out there. but omg, the workload is really mental. like I can fold a table pile of clothes nicely and neatly, turn around, turn back and the neatly folded clothes would be in a cow-dung mess again. It was infuriating. well, beyond infuriation. I constantly have a thought of shooting the customers with a fully loaded rifle and then throw a grenade on them to blow them into pieces.

Apart from my job at Cotton On, I got offered another job at Frolick. I've always wanted to be a frolick girl from the time I lived over at holland village and this was like oooo. I want this man. This was the all time idiot proof job. You just idle there, eat yoghurt and wait for customers to order their little cup of frozen happiness. heads up! the lychee flavour is da bomb. trust me on this one. I mean, it's lychee?!

While working there, I was approached by the job scouters from Abercrombie and Fitch but I sort of declined them because I'm quite sick of retail. I also quit Cotton On around that period because the job over at Frolick is the ultimate lazy-girl-dream-job.

So.. I was in Frolick for 2 months before I called off. Only reason was their management is really unfair. boohoo

ok, so when I was still over at Frolick till July, I ended my abusive relationship with my cheating and mental ex-boyfriend. I get speechless when it comes to him. He is just.. I can't even...... ok in short, he is a piece of poop that I had to involve the police in. yes, 999 ma da chu.

Moving on.. nothing much interesting happened in August.. meh

then came September where school work was piling up and I was in such a mental stage one day that when everyone was rushing out their work {I suppose} to hand in the next day, I went surfing on the net, browsing through blogshops. As I was browsing through.. this little brave voice inside me told me to email the blogshops to try modeling. ok, actually Minz have always been psyching me to try out modeling for blogshops but I never really gave it a thought. But the emails I sent out that day opened many windows for me.

And this made September/October the month where my blogshop modeling journey started.. {I would say October because I started towards the end of September}

October had been a really good month for me!!

October was the one special month I met Alex. blush
It's another long story between us and maybe I'll go into that on another day but for now just know that, firesparks fly and magic glittered down on us. Having him was the highlight of my 2012. Counting the days, we've only been together for 2 and a half months exactly but really, {as cliché as it may sound} it seemed like I've known him since forever. We got really used to each other and everything fitted like a jigsaw puzzle. ok maybe not everything everything but you get what I mean.. 

October was also the month where I started with this blog and embarked on my online modeling journey for real because I used to model for an owner who sells on tabao but I stopped. I can't be more thankful for the generous amount of support and love I've received within just these two months from all of you guys. I am really super duper wuper touched {': Just a few months back, I couldn't even think of myself working as a blogshop model or a blogger at all but now, magic just did the job. I really thank all of you guys from the deepest, bottomest pit of my heart.

October passed and November ushered in. November was one hell of an eventful month. From Alex's birthday to my birthday to my grandfather's death anniversary which falls on my birthday. I really hope that these three events will continue to fall into place every November for the next seventy years of my life..

Also,  November marks the month where advertorials first started popping out on my blog!! Another bunch I'm grateful for.

Finished with November and December channeled in. I love this year's December. Everything felt so fine and so right. Christmas this year made huge contributions to my adoration for December. I enjoyed every festival starting October till date because admittedly, I get to spend it with Alex.

Most of all, I thank god for my family. For the family that are stuck with me for the rest of my remaining life even though I can get pretty fast and furious at times.

Not to forget my friends who I've known for years now, thank you guys!!
special shoutout to Minz, thank you woman for never failing to be supportive and protective of me and for constantly being right beside me.

ok! Last person! Alex, thank you for being mine.

All in all, I'm thankful for my life. For all that I have today. For all the people who has been in and out of my life till date. For all the people who have helped me go this far and all the people who have pulled me down. For the hell that I've been through. For all the kindred souls. For all my supporters, followers and readers. For all the haters and poopsterz {if not for you guys, I would have never numbed myself and set a high target for myself} For my sponsors and blogshops owners who are mostly very nice and friendly people to work with.

Thank you 2012.

I hope 2012 has been good to you as well and I sincerely wish for 2013 to be a fruitful and good year for you guys.

See you again in 2013!! mwah

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