Thursday, 3 January 2013

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Hello everybarrrrdddy!! Oh my oh my, it's already the third day of 2013!!
How have 2013 been treating you? It's been rather.. ok{?} I guess to me? Will review it maybe end of the week again. 

Anyhoohoo!! I'm cracking my brains really hard because I want to do a video soon but I can't decide on which topic to do.. I mean it will be the first video of 2013, so I just want it to be more extraordinary and boookmark-worthy, something a little more special. Any funky suggestions? If you have, drop a note on my formspring, yes?


Did I just say it's 2013 already and guess what?! I got my first pair of heels!! I have the suede wedges but I won't consider them heels although there are really high.
If you read my previous advertorial for TheWonderBelle, you would've already guessed by now that this pair of heels are from them!! so thank you TWB for sponsoring me my first pair of heels.

I have never been a heels person and I will choose my havaianas or creepers anytime over anything. But upon receiving these pair of heels, I am swept off my feet. They are so pretty I can't even... squeals!!
The only time I get to wear nice heels are during my photoshoots and now that I have my very own pair, I totally exploited it and strut around my room for quite a bit.

And now, here are the babies


jeng jeng jeng

basically naked in these heels

They fit so snugly to my feet it's like we are inseparable.
not too tight not too loose, just right the way I like it.


Well, who says you can only wear heels on it's own?
I have paired it with five pair of socks to create different styles to cater to different occasions.


{ 1 } rad in red

{ 2 } glitter diva

{ 3 } black cat

{ 4 } poppin' daisies

{ 5 } classic preppy

I really really really love the chunky heels.

now girlies, exit to


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