Sunday, 2 December 2012

Falling Stars


I'm back with a picture loaded post.
Basically some snippets of my life over the past few days...

let's go!

taken exactly a week ago..


japanese curry rice at bugis+


my birthday dinner at shin kushiya with my little famsterz

then back at home

genius boy took this polaroid for me


tokyo express ramen for my belated birthday lunch with winniebear at fep

post lunch, dessert at 313 with her as well

baked taro pudding

mango pomelo

durian pancake

mango and thai glutinous rice in vanilla

polaroid of the day


had some time before shoot so snap snap snap

you mmmuuussstt try this brownie if you haven't
favouritestboyinthewholewideworld bought this for me and omg it is sooooo yummy.
chewy, sticky, chocolately, neverenough


photos I took after my advertorial shots
the rest are on my instagram so follow me now if you haven't..
be good

japanese strawberry chiffon cake that my mum got on friday


sat to the movies with my famfam and favouritest to watch the singapore show.
ah boys to men. I was abit apprehensive and in fact, very reluctant to go..
but I must say it was funny but still not good enough to be paying 11 bucks for it.


and ending off with today, that is sunday.
went to church with my famz and favouritest.
it has been ages since I attended mass..
it was good but I was lost like a sheep

then fav and I got macs delivered home after mass.

and... photoboothed

Happy December guys from the both of us!!

Christmas is coming!!
season to be sharing and giving.. 

Stay tune! I promise you won't regret.

I'm going to play Santa...


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