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Hi Konichiwa!!

Today, I have a new advertorial for you kittens!! meow
and it is for KittyMeowwz this time round!!
which explains the overwhelming usage of cat-related words.

Kittymeowwz is a spree site and they have a crazy crazy really crazy amount of things to offer. And when I say things, I mean.. apparels, shoes and bags!!
they have everything under one roof so you can just shop your whole outfit from head to toe right there!! 
saves you the hassle from tracking your mails and orders from sooooo many different sites.

okidokz! so let's unwrap the parcel and see what they mailed over..
those following me on instagram should have already seen a little sneak peek of it.
but for those who haven't... you are a very bad cat for not following me.
nonetheless here they are!!
the featured piece on instagram!

their houndstooth printed arc-shaped hem top

I wore it out the very day I received it for my movie date with my famz and fav.
We caught ah boys to men at amk hub and for all those of you who have been to the cinema theatre there, holy crap? it is frrreeezing cold like brrrrrrrrrrr
it felt very much like the inside of a full power fridge..
but thankfully, I got this top to keep me warm. It's somewhat like soft knit on the inside but not overheating for our insane lava-melting temperature.

This top offers both comfort and style.

I don't usually put on prints behind the scene but this top is just it.
I love basics and neutral colours but this top just broke my 'habit' but it's good!!
When I received this top I couldn't be happier because with the houndstooth prints, I can look more decorative for once.

I have paired this top with four other bottoms so all of you can take your own pick and mix and match with your own wardrobe.

Style I
pairing it with a pair of plain black shorts for that classic-dressdown look
chic and simple


Style II
pairing it with my glitter bodycon skirt for the transition..
working this style from the office to the clubs


Style III
tugged this into my pair of panel knicker's cut shorts for the badcatz vibe


Style IV
pulled the cherry girl look with my pair of denim cut offs and pink shades


Now for the second item that was mailed over!!


Their belt strapped bag in black!!

I was beyond excited when I saw this on their site because I've always love this design and I contemplated getting the real deal from alexander wang..
but I read reviews that the real one was super duper wuper heavy because it is made of genuine leather. 
Plus the fact that I'm not going to be indulgent and decadent and splurge on a bag that I won't use half the time because of how heavy it is.
Adding to it, I don't have parents who will throw gifts at me as and when just because I say I like something..
it's alittle sad but it's good. I prefer it this way.. working, saving and planning on my own financially.

everything has it's time and place.

 sooooo when I saw this bag I flew up to the galaxy and bounced off to the moon before coming back down. yeap, that was how exhilarated I felt.

When I received the bag, I flew off again. This time to mars, hit off to jupiter, rocketed to the sun then dropped right back to earth.

The bag is like a document bag. Means I can totally slot my macbook in it!!!!!

I've been carrying my macbook by itself everywhere..
No cover, No casing, No nothing. just it by itself.

But now my macbook found a new home!! What's more, because it is shaped like a document bag, I wont need to fold and crumple my notes anymore.

Another item from kittymeowwz that has both usefulness and style.

And oh! oh! the inside of the bag is totally love.
It has a big compartment and a small compartment and that's about it.
I adore and I mean I really do adore bags with minimum inside-compartments.

I think I forgot to mention too that it is a two way bag.
It comes with both the long and short strap!!

So again, I put together two different outfits that I can wear this bag with.


Style I
for the monochrome dressy days..


Style II
for the off-to-starbucks-to-study days or snuggle in days


I really hope you can feel my roller coaster, adrenaline pumping exhilaration because I totally want you to feel the same as well!!

But if you can't feel it here, it's ok.. I have just the way you can experience the same insane excitement!!

It is none other than heading over to KittyMeowwz!!

To add on to the truckload of happiness

Stand a chance to win a $5 cash discount off your next purchase when you like their facebook page and share their pictures from preorder 5

That's not all!!
Quote 'chloechoox' and have 1 dollar deducted off your total bill!!

Please tell me how thrilling this is. I can't contain it anymore..

a head's up, they will be adding in new items on tuesday so get ready!!


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