Thursday, 27 December 2012

Retro Speak


Good morning little doves
This is my first time blogging this early. whoa

It is only because I received an email from Retrospeak this morning and I felt that I really have to share this with all of you.

what's RetroSpeak?
It is basically a website where you get to do a review on anything and everything.

I personally and honestly feel that this is a great platform for consumers like myself to learn and know more about a particular product/service that I'm interested to acquire.

If you don't already know, I'm a real fickle-minded and really, I tend to stray off from decisions making. I always always and I mean always have second thoughts on most products I buy, especially facial products.

Throwback on one of the longest decision making experience..

I wanted to get a bottle of foundation

I took 3 months just to decide on a bottle of foundation. I can't even.. times like these, I feel like punching myself straight in the face.

the reason why I took sooooo long to decide was because I had queries about all of the brands I had in mind, and nobody was there to help {except for the salesgirl, which isn't of much help either. I mean, every salesgirls would recommend the foundation from their own company right..} and it was extremely difficult for that inconsistent mind of mine to choose the one foundation I need.

Now admit it!! most girls are just about the same but fret not!! because now with RetroSpeak, getting reviews from third parties comes alot easier and I think it would be of great help to tough-decision-makings situations.

When you gather more third parties reviews on the product/service{mostly unbias and fair} that you're interested in, you'll then be able to weigh out the pros and cons with more ease.

sooo, head down to to join the community and start helping with hair-pulling decisions making!! {you know it's that tough}

before that, feel free to enter this contest brought to you by RetroSpeak. Such awesome prizes!! squeals

and don't forget to like them on their facebook page!!

They stocked the page with great deals and exclusive promotions just for you!!

Head over now!!


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