Thursday, 27 December 2012


Howdy!! This post is all about Christmas..

My Christmas was so extremely awesome I forgot to take any pictures.

I was in such mental rush decorating the Christmas tree, getting last minute presents, wrapping presents, mailing out the present parcels, organising a Christmas dinner, attending Christmas dinners and gatherings that I totally didn't have any time to catch my breath and take a snap.

I am such scattered brains and flustered body, I feel like crying everytime I think of the pictures I could've have.

Every other blog I go to has pictures of their Christmas :{

My Christmas schedule went something like:

17th - hunting for presents

18th - hunting for more presents

19th - hunting for even more presents

ok you get the drift..

I get presents every single time I head out to town and this went on for about 8 days
if you do the math, it ended just a day before Christmas, that makes it Christmas eve

I mailed all of the present parcels out on the 23rd hoping it would reach the recipients by Christmas but no... everyone received it on the 26th fail

On the 24th that's Christmas eve, I had some friends over and my motherman made dinner she makes such good food, big pity I didn't take pictures of the food else you'll be salivating now

min's boyfriend said something like, "how do you even stay so skinny? your mum makes such good food man"

hehe, so proud of you motherman!! mwah

then we had a little gift exchange..

and before I knew it, I had to bolt right out of the house to head over to G's house
so.. G, D, Alex and I were in the cab from my house and we spent the minute into Christmas inside

"merry christmas uncle......."

so 25th came and I spent it playing boxing and fifa on the ps3 whee~ such fun

 andddd I finally got to eat macdonald's breakfast!! been so long!
I've never had breakfast that early 5am whee again.

headed back home at 9am and woke up at 2pm to a house filled with people and more people and even more people.

totally went down to zone out in front of the tv for the whole day till night came and strutted out again to G's house, this time to play poker. wheewhee

no macdonald's breakfast that morning...meh

7am came and home I went. homesweethome

and there, into the arms of mister bed I went crashing

that's pretty much it! It felt a tinny winny bit weird not seeing anyone on the night of the 26th. like I can totally get used to that owl life.

but ok no, I need a normal timeline.

and.. this was how my Christmas went by.
it's still Christmas by the way, 12 days of Christmas!! but it seemed so forgotten :{

Christmas 2012 was nothing but gggrrreat.

Thank you everyone who was involved in making my Christmas this brilliant.

Great food, fantastic company, superb time.

So sorry for this typographic post.
I told cha I have no pictures :'{

Merry Christmas reindeers!!


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