Sunday, 9 December 2012

Vain Pot

Hello little potties! Happy Sunday!

I made it.

Made what?

I made the heavy intensely requested make up video...
I didn't think I'd make it this soon but as promised in the past makeup tag video, the next video is me making myself up so there, I actually wanted to do another video.. but..... a promise is a promise.

I forgot to take a picture of all the make up products used but nvm lah huh... you can direct any queries to my formspring, I'll answer you there.
But please please please scroll around first before you decide to ask. It's like I can answer the same question one hundred times and the 101th person will still ask me the same question when the answer is just a scroll away.

so there you go.

the end result..

I think I did a pretty good job considering the fact that this is my first time doing my make up without a real mirror and only using my macbook photobooth as a mirror.
ok, except for the eyeliner..

and that's all for the make up video.

as said in the video, I received a few interesting suggestions to do for my next video.
really love it when creative juices spill everywhere. the more random the better.


so if you don't already know.. I'm planning a giveaway for this christmas.
it's really small, so keep your expectations small please. 
it's just a token of appreciation for my readers and instagram followers.

why instagram? because I'm most active there.
it's like a third home there.

first is my own home, second is in alex's arms so instagram takes third place..

so if you do have an instagram account do follow me there!
who knows you may just be the one walking away with the giveaway gift.



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