Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Yoohoo!! It's about two weeks to Christmas!!
soooo excited~
Have you gotten the present for your sister? bestfriend? girlfriends?

It's ok because there's still time!!

time: checked.
date: checked.
present: not checked.

so where do you go to get those pressies?

get them at..

uh huh!! right there at Vanitiqué!!

for me, christmas came early and  I received a couple of awesome pieces from them..

I was only expecting two pieces as per discussed but what came in my parcel was double the number!! I feel so blessed.


unveiling the first piece...

you know how I always like neutral and monochromatic colors right..
and I tend to stick to basics, plain basics if I must add.
so when I saw this piece on their website it instantly caught my eye. It's monochromatic and rather basic. But the tiny cut-outs brings basics to a whole new level. It's like dressy basic.

How I wore it?

pairing it with my new favourite shorts in black.

tugged in for a neat-chic look.

tugged out for a more sweet-casual look.


revealing the second item..

I saw a similar piece a few months ago but never got down to buying it because I thought I will never be able to carry floral prints off. But... when I received this number. Omg I had to eat my own thoughts back. It is soooo pretty and the cutting is just right and it's in my favourite shades of monochromes.

I suppose what makes the cutting so right is the material. It's made of soft denim which allows this pair of shorts to firmly hold onto your waist, hips and thighs.

How I wore it?

matched it with a plain sleeveless chiffon top for a picnic-time! look


threw on a red pullover for the preppy school girl look


topped with both plain white and black crop tops for the out-for-a-short-lunch look


matching it with a cream knit pullover for the let's-pretend-it's-winter-but-it's-actually-burning-hot-in-Singapore look

ok no, you can wear this style to the movies..


Now for the other two presents they very very very kindly threw in..

If you can't already tell, it's velvet.
Thanks to the soft and rich velvet material, the top has an ombré effect to it.
even created a slightly metallic effect in the photos that I took..

I cannot even emphasize enough on how soft this feels.
It looks so thick right?! but omg, no. I very honestly and strongly thought this velvet top is going to feel like an oven the moment I put it on. But no, no, no. bible.

This whole top is nothing but a pleasant surprise.

It is soft and rather airy. I think it should be able to keep you warm in the cinemas..

anyway you can get your hands on it in their upcoming collection.
don't say I didn't forewarn you.

How I wore it?

stacked it on top of my favourite shorts. so me.
accessorizing it with a bowler hat for the let-your-hair-down-but-stay-in-style look in other words, dressy casual.

playing around with the different hair styles for the subtle change in the whole outfit style.

bun up hair + sunnies, off for a walk to the heartland malls, maybe a drive down to the ice cream shop.

stucked sunnies in my hair, off for a short shopping trip (to ikea maybe?)
It's rather cold in ikea. just sayin'


Second item that came in as a surprise..

Peek-a-boo!! Aztec peeking out everywhere. How cheerful is this?
Ditch your boring plain denim shorts and go with this for your next picnic please!
You can totally stand out from your friends in this pair.
This is high waist, ripped edges and aztec all in one!! Tell me how to resist?!

How I wore it?

topped it off with a cream crochet top, to gardens by the bay or botanic gardens we go~


tugged a sleeveless cut out loose tank, all ready for sentosa!!


threw on a denim jacket, off to see the city lights!!
styling, denim on denim.


and I'm pretty much done with all that's in my parcel..
but carry on reading because I have some good deals for you. note, I said some.

Pay Vanitiqué a visit because I promise you won't regret your visit there.
Don't believe?

Lemme show you an overall of what's in stores for you there..

All these pretty pieces are just a click away..

Before you go, I mentioned I have some good deals for you right.

Here's the first one.

Mention Chloebitesizemonster to get a one dollar discount!!

cheapthrill, they are the first to include bitesizemonster in the discount code. hee.


Second one..

Want an extra Christmas present like this sweet floral bag?

Here's how you can get it.. whee

1. Like Vanitiqué's facebook page

2. Like their debut collection and click share.

3. Leave a comment: I ♥ vanitiqué

*All shares must be set to ‘public’ for verification 
* Only fans of vanitiqué who have ‘liked’ the page may qualify
Giveaway will close on 23rd December.


Connect with them on:

Instagram: @vanitique


Now what are you waiting for my girlies?

Go! Go! Go!


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