Sunday, 13 January 2013

Camouflage in Red

Helloh!! I'm not back with an advertorial. Just back with a preorder that Minz and I will be doing...

if you follow me on my formspring or read it, you'll see that I get sooooo many questions regarding my hair. to be exact, my hair colour.

So... I have decided to open a preorder for the hairdye that I use. There's no brand to it and you definitely can't get them at any supermarkets or convenience stores....

best thing, it doesn't contain ammonia and it smells kind of fruity compared to the other dyes found in the local hypermarkets. as you can already tell, I am an avid fan of it because ever since I found this, I haven't touched any other hairdyes.

I'm only opening a preorder for the colour : red
well, this is the only colour I can vouch for. I only used this colour and I do not wish to give any other false assumptions about the other colours.

Disclaimer : I cannot guarantee that your hair will turn out like my colour, it really depends on your own hair colour and how long you leave the dye on for.


Question and Answer!!

1. How long can the colour last?

+ this colour last me for about 2-3 weeks. 
actually it varies from individuals depending on what kind of shampoo and treatment you use and how well you take care of it.
For me, I use my normal shampoo and I don't have any regime to make the colour last or anything.


2. Do I have to bleach my hair to get the color on?

+ I have never undergone bleaching and the colour turned out great for me. Not overly bright neither is it too dark. I mean you guys can see it from my photos...
but if you really want the colour to be bright and vibrant, you can give bleaching a try.


3. How many times can I dye my hair for?

+ One bottle 3.5oz can provide me with two to three times of dye session. yes, it is keepable unlike those you get from the commercialised brands that you have to finish the whole bottle in a go. again, depending on the thickness and length of your hair, the number times may vary.


4. How long do I have to leave the dye on for?

+ I usually leave it on for 20 - 30 mins before washing it off with shampoo and then I leave my conditioner on for another 20 mins.


5. Where is the hairdye from?

+ It is from USA. crossmyhearthopetodie


6. Star question : How much is it?

It will be going for SGD 28 inclusive of normal postage
28 may sound expensive but really, if you divide it by the number of times you can use, it is alot cheaper than those you get from the hypermarkets.


Just a heads up!! you need to dry your hair after shower before putting on your clothes else like any other dyes, it will stain your clothes. good thing for me is, my clothes with those stains came off after washing but!! take precaution please.

I will close this preorder the moment I hit 13 orders or by 17th January whichever comes first  and mail the hairdye out. But stocks are running low, so fastest fingers first!!
if stocks permit, I will open another preorder for it.


see below for samples of my hair colour.

but I have a special package for you because Minz is also doing a preorder for camouflage print tees which looks alittle like...

Available sizes : s and m
Size s fits a uk 4 - 8
Size m fits a uk 6 - 10

I am dressed in size s.

How much it is going for?
SGD 16 including normal postage


what package am I talking about earlier on?
well.... we collaborated and we are giving you an awesome deal.

If you get a hairdye and a tee it will be for SGD40 including normal postage
{ U.P. for hairdye is 28 mailed, with this deal, it is only 25 mailed }
{ U.P. for tee is 16 mailed, with this deal, it is only 15 mailed }


Please direct all enquiries to my formspring and formspring only.

and orders to my email - { hairdye and package orders only }
direct orders to Minz email - { camouflage tee only }


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