Sunday, 13 January 2013



Good noon girlies!! New advertorial up!! Super excited to be doing this one because they have just uploaded with a whole load of apparels in their new cny collection and I have one very awesome promo code for you!!

I really couldn't decide what I wanted to take for this advertorial. I want everything. Yes, everything. You'll feel me when you get there. This is none other than..

Yesss!! They are honestly everything's that dope.

Enough of my rave...
let's go!!

{ Number 1 , comme des fuckdown tee }

soooo I matched it with...

my all time favourite black knicker panels shorts

and washed red denim

and sequinned knicker shorts

and the highly sought after washed denim cut offs


{ Number 2, cut out overlay romper }

loving this romper!!! actually I love all the rompers from WID even from their last collections. Most of them have an overlay so it looks like a dress but gives protection and coverage like a shorts.

and this piece comes with a ribbon at the back. Sooo cute.

I styled it on it's own, changing only my hairstyles...

Then I matched it with three different belts, all gold and black. Subtle difference.

{ Belt 1 }

{ Belt 2 }

{ Belt 3 }


{ Number 3, black flare chiffon palazzo pants }

Love.. this... pants!! so dressy but so comfortable

matching it with a scallop trimming top giving an illusion that it is a whole jumper itself

changed it to a white and grey top

getting ready for the weekend with a denim overall babydoll


and I'm pretty much done!!! and I have one very special and attractive special promo code just for you girls!!

but.. before that, you've gotta connect with them because I'm sure they will be bringing you more of these dope collections!

ok.. here's the promo code....

Quote chloechooxwid under customer's note and get a random apparel with purchase of SGD60 and above!!!

OMG? This is one of the best promo code I've ever seen....

are you ready....?
Now exit there!!


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