Thursday, 10 January 2013

Steam Sia

Hi guys.. so sorry I'm back with another advertorial. 
I uploaded a video yesterday but holy shit, I received a couple of comments, to be exact 2 feedbacks that I sounded teh and I was acting cute. {roll my eyes, flip my hair and strut away} .Well, I didn't purposely act cute or make my voice sound so high and I didn't want to be perceived that way. So I took the video off and when I said I deleted the video off, I got 2 comments again, saying I can't handle negative comments and I can't be a blogger like this.. lalala. Seriously? You should scroll through my formspring to see how I dealt with all those mindless negative comments before shooting your excretia-filled mouth or rather, I hope you have at least half a brain for an average human common sense level..

anyway, back to the advertorial!! 

this is my first advertorial for a food cafe and I was stoked when I was invited by retrospeak to attend a food tasting session over at Steamsia.

my first question when I heard their name was, "why steamsia?"
and then I got my answer!!

1. majority of their dishes are served with prawns.
2. "steamsia" was a old school slang used in Singapore which also means. shiok.
shiok ecstasy and delight


I was supposed to go down with two other bloggers but didn't have the time to make it down last weekend with them soooo I went there on my own with the organizer from retrospeak and had everything bitesize-d!!

I had three of their signatures dishes and it was yum tum tum!!

first dish I had was..

the nonya curry chicken

this is the full portion

this is my special bitesizemonster portion


next I had was..

the seafood stuff 'sailing boat'

this is the full portion

this is my bitesizemonster portion

It is actually, half a potato with prawn, mushrooms and cheese decked on top and baked to perfection.


Lastly, I had...
the classic tom yum spaghetti with seafood

served in the full portion

no bitesizemonster portion for this because everything has to be weighed accordingly

but it's ok that there weren't any bitesizemonster portion for this because I loveeee tom yum and this is so yummy!!

and that is about all for the food tasting part.

but what's even more special about Steamsia is that...
the entire cafe follows an old-school theme.
If you're form the 80s and 90s, you'll totally love this place.
It aroused my nostalgia from my younger days so so much. It brought me back all the way to my primary school days where five stones and pick up sticks were the games we played every morning at the courtyard before the bell rung.

ok, speaking of their interior design..

this is the front of the cafe where you will be greeted by this cart full of old school tidbits and games... which... you can eat and play while you're in the cafe!!

and there you see!! all the old school card games!! I love them all!!!! I remember playing them with my mum and aunt and grandaunt every sunday when I was little.

and once you enter the cafe you'll see racks of old-school toys as decorations

and further in, there's this cozy corner where you can choose to chill at on the sofa
my great grandmother's house used to have this!! I think it's still surviving in the house.

before you start nom-ing you need to wash your hands right?
there! their old school basin

here's where I had my little meal with sue ann and cherlyn
right beside all the toys!!

this is cherlyn and myself, so sorry the picture is so blurred.
but anyway, the story goes like, when we wanted to take flight it started pouring so we had no choice but to hang around in the cafe till the rain subsided.

and thankfully, {like I mentioned earlier}, Steamsia provided those games at the front on the cart for their patrons to play on occasions like this and what not.

soooo we took jenga!!

so as you can see, our jenga building finally collapsed and the rain was still showering mercilessly... so pick up sticks we play!!

yes, very seriously playing pick up sticks...

and only after two games of pick up sticks did the rain clouds decide to move away..

so off we went!!

I had a really good time at Steamsia not to mention, a really yummy meal!!
I went walknig out feeling like humpty dumpty. I was that full from their super salivating-worthy food!!

for more information and their full menu you can head down to

for my full review, head down to retrospeak's page!!


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