Saturday, 12 January 2013

In and Out of me

Hellllloooo Sunday birdz!!
back to proper blogging and if you can decipher what the title suggests...genius
basically, just gonna do a collection for my outfits of the week and the best thing I had during the week. of cos if you are already following me on instagram this is a repeat but here, I'll state where I got all my sponsored apparels from

starting with monday.

went monochrome to beat the Monday blues

tucked in comfortably on Tuesday with drop shoulder top from wardrobemess

went to school on Wednesday with tints of black and a dash of burgundy
flora shorts sponsored by Vanitiqué
burgundy knitted pullover sponsored by Wardrobemess

Out and about on Thursday looking at catwoman for inspirations. so full black I went

Praised the day, the last day of the working week. Dress down Friday.
Aztec print shorts sponsored by Vanitiqué

and I'm done with my outfits!! best eat this week!!

at hoshiko coffee at plaza singapura's new building

Curry cheese rice. wheetwheet. super nice!! 

fluffly whipped souffle egg tomato baked rice. I prefer the curry rice but thumbs up for novelty!

souffle pancake with brown sugar syrup.. meh. macdonald's pancake still better

matcha souffle otherwise known as green tea souffle. loveee. we added two servings of vanilla softee.


and that's about it for now!! will try to do this weekly if I can.


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