Tuesday, 15 January 2013


so it's Wednesday but I'm stuck at home because of an eye infection. So sad so so sad.
I have so many so so many things to do and this is getting in the way. My goodness.
I have a stack of research to do, a heap load of parcel to wrap and mail, a list of things to do and it doesn't stop just yet.

I woke up in tears from a bad dream and it has been quite long since I woke up like that. Bad dreams used to occur in my head like at least four times a month means every week I'll wake up to tears in my eyes at least once. But the good thing about crying while you're sleeping is you'll never get swollen eyes unlike when you cry while you're awake. good eh? ok. I sound sadistic but hello?? at least it's better to cry and not pay the consequences of the aftermath of it since you're going to cry anyway and anyhow.

I reckon I'll be stuck at home on mr mac for today. I should come up with a name for my macbook shouldn't I... hmm. I could use some creative suggestions~

how about.... titanium?... or maybe mr macapple?... or mr macsilver?... but it sounds like something off the menu of macdonald's.

I'll start brainstorming about it from now onwards. so hard so so hard.

anyway, my blog stats reflect some of the key words some of you guys typed in google and I had such a good laugh when I saw them. No, I don't mean it in a condescending way ok don't get me wrong. I mean, it's really funny take for instance, 'houndstooth instagram', 'green tea souffle top view', 'back of hair burgundy' and I lost the most epic one. It was on the stats page yesterday. Here today, gone tomorrow

Omg, why are you guys so cute?


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