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Aloha lola~

I'm going to upload the steps to dying your hair with the hairdye that I did a preorder on for all you girlies.


I :  Ensure that your hair is clean and dry. 

You do not want any other products on your hair prior to coloring because then your hair won't be able to absorb the colour.

II : Slip on the plastic gloves that I've included in the parcel to ensure your hands and fingernails are stain free from the dye.

You may want to keep those gloves on when washing out the colour in the later part of the process because the first wash that your hair undergoes tend to stain your fingers too.

III : Apply the hairdye onto hair directly or palm. Either way is fine.

I personally prefer to place it on my palms first so that the dye would not slip off my hair.

IV : Cap on the shower cap that I've also included in the parcel.
This way, it prevents your hair from staining your clothes, neck, ears, furnitures, wall or whatever that you are near.

Now, you're free for 20 to 30 minutes to do your own things without needing to be extra careful on whether your hair will stain anywhere.

V : Wash the hairdye off with shampoo.
Scrub your scalp thoroughly because you do not want the hairdye to stain and damage your scalp.

Apply conditioner and I normally leave it on for longer than usual, say 15 to 20 minutes.

Make sure you drip dry your hair before existing the bathroom, your hair will drip coloured water.

It is perfectly normal when the colour gets washed out during shampooing, conditioning and washing. This will occur during the first few times you wash your hair. Mine went on for about a week but the colour still stayed on so no worries.

VI : Blow dry your hair before wearing your clothes because when your hair is wet, the colour will get transferred onto your garment. 

So take precaution please.


Okidokzx done!! Just simple steps for all of you should you be unsure of anything just drop me an email and I'll answer you directly from there.

Also, girls who are interested in getting hairdyes, get ready because I'm opening the second preorder real soon... say some time next week?

Think....... fuchsia, red, pink, violet and blue ~


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