Thursday, 3 January 2013

Wardrobe Mess

Hi cherrypie!!
Today's advertorial will be for...

The owner of WardrobeMess is extremely nice and generous I can cry when I received the parcel. ok, sounds like I cry almost every other time I receive my parcel but really!! the people I work with for advertorials are all heaven sent.

Once again, when I was tasked to pick three items from the webstore, I had a hard hard hard, as hard as a frozen ice cream time. There's just sooo soooo sooooo many apparels that caught my eye. 

Anw, I finally picked three {a,b,c} and then I saw that one of my other choice, {d} has been restocked so I asked if I could replace c with d. With this, I was expecting three pieces in total right but what came was all four of them. Plus!! before that, I told you they have so many nice apparels right, one of the top that I really really wanted has been sold out by the time my email reached the owner, she said she will mail that piece to me once it has arrived. But I told her, it's ok and that she should sell her stocks off first. I mean it's only right that sales comes first. 

My point is, WardrobeMess is 101% awesome.

now let the unwrapping begin!!

No. 1!! A piece I'm pretty sure many of you will be interested in since I've been getting questions every time I post pictures of me in a preppy-do outfit for my past advertorials.

this was the piece that I wanted a replacement for because all my burgundy and red knits are from thrift shops and possible the only one at the thrift shops so I thought this would be a great opportunity for you guys to grab a similar piece and it's none other than..

their burgundy knitted outerwear


styling it the way you like it - the preppy do

tucked in and out


styling it the way I like it - the loose fit

paired with knickers panel shorts and bodycon skirt


No. 2

a piece filled with fairydust and glitter

again, it's the basic but dressy kind

what's good about this top is it is so versatile!! can be used for work, for a dinner date, for a lunch date, for a party.


styling it with a basic black blazer for a more formal-do, also playing around with the different hairstyles because it really does make a difference..


styling it with a long white vest for a day time outfit


No. 3 is yet another shimmery piece...
but first, shoutout to this piece!! the material is super soft and thick unlike those flimsy thin and crispy kind. This one is a of really good quality. crossmyheartandhopetodie

I apologise for not being able to capture the shimmery bits here. 
It is the soft kind of shimmer and it makes you look like a fairy or at least, feel like one.
another dressy basic rave


playing with the knicker panel shorts and my buttock shorts alongside with two different hairstyles


No. 4

a not so basic basic tank in one of my favourite colors

I really dig how this piece of top is so simple yet so edgy with the evenly spread out, not-overly-cluttered black crosses

styling it with three different outerwear
totally bringing the boy in me out. hee


with a red blue checkered outerwear


with a green corduroy vest


with a red blue checkered sleeveless vest


and tata!! I'm done with my parcel.
are you already salivating over the apparels?!

They are launching their new collection tonight!! mark it down!!

A little preview..

just a heads up, they have new collections up every two weeks.. squeals!

but halt!! before you go,

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and for you my super awesome readers,
quote "chloechoox" to get free normal postage!!


and what did I say about them being efficient?
Wardrobe Mess offers next-day shipping worldwide!!
also, self collection is available at Blogshop Boulevard Bugis Village #03-47


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