Monday, 21 January 2013

When the night falls..

I used to read alot. I used to write alot. I used to think alot. 
whatever happened...?
I have so much thoughts and scenes running through my head every time we walk my dogs in the cold silent night. a wall full of tangled tales, a series full of passing words, a mix of songs, a bucketful of emotions...

hearing the cars travel pass us from a few roads away, it ignited my memory. my childhood memory where I will kneel right at the window grill and look down to the slightly active road. Similarly, like how the same cold breeze would graze along my warm skin turning it to a goosebumps filled surface. My hair would be swept right across my face, cutting my vision by a bit. I love the contrast between the citylights and flashlights to the dark intense serene night. I really do...


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