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Second advertorial for Shop Vanitiqué!!
This time I promise a bigger advertorial!!

For those who know, I was having a meet up for the girls who purchased the hairdye from me right and the bosses behind Vanitiqué decided to pass me the items then as well because it will be more convenient. 

Anw, in the exchange of emails that I had with the bosses of Vanitiqué, I only chose 3 items but when they approached me I was so not expecting the giant bag they were holding. My face looked so lost ok I swear. I was just staring as blankly as ever at their faces. They were the last to come amongst all the other girls who needed to collect the parcels and I thought they wanted to collect their dyes but the parcels were all collected!! I was thinking, omg you wanna collect parcel?!?!?! I got no more parcels?! I packed wrongly?! Omg?!

So, Alex was there with me during the meet up and he helped me transfer all the clothes from Vanitiqué to my own tote bag since I have two empty topshop totes from transporting the parcels. Sooooo I thought there were only 3 items right? then Alex started taking out a pile of clothes ok. I'm not even exaggerating. It is a motherf pile of clothes. And you know the topshop recycle tote can fit quite alot of things right, it was filled. It was full and ever bulky even before Alex manage to put all the items inside. There were still more items that have yet to go into the topshop bag.

The conversation between Alex and I because we were so amused by the amount of clothes..

Alex packing the items into my topshop bag.
Me : Huh? why so many things?
Alex : still got more..
Me : Huh?! I didn't even order so many!!
- thinking to myself, maybe they give wrongly eh -


Alex packing halfway
Me : no more already right?
Alex : still have!!!!
Me : omg.. - totally and really shock -


kk, enough of my excitement and story telling
but omg let me add in this one last one, all the clothes they sponsored me can last me my whole week already!!! *throws alot alot alot of glitter, sparkles and confetti*

now I show, you see and then you'll understand why I am so excited..

1st item : Boho bag in black!! 
ok, admittedly, I had my eye on this too but I didn't tell the owners cos I'd like to think bags come in limited quantities..? so didn't want to deplete their stocks.
but... they are some mind reading psychics I must say

Outfit one : Basics

Outfit Two : Dressy Basics
Monochrome flora shorts worn also from Vanitiqué

Outfit Three : One Piece

yes yes!! it is a two way bag!!!!!!!!


2nd item : Suede cut out in black
No reason at all not to adorn this top
My top two favorite!!

You have absolutely no idea at all how much I loveeeeeee this top. Sweartojesuschrist and crossmyhearthopetodie

Outfit One : Black Cat

Outfit Two : Dropping Shades Of Black

Outfit Three : Glamour Queen


3rd item : Embroidery peplum top in white
The second piece of my top two favorite!!

uh.. yeap it is my first peplum top and it fits so soooo well!!
It just accentuates all your curves like a oohlala~

Outfit One : CMYK / RGB

Outfit Two : Over Denim


4th item : Flora skater dress

I feel like a very cheerful soul when I slip this dress on hee~

Outfit One : Wrapped up in a belt
I still need my dose of black


5th item : Crochet cut out knit

This little pretty piece was from their last collection not sure if they still have stocks for it but you can enquire!!

Outfit One : Ol'school Denim

Outfit Two : Indiana Holly


6th item : Flora beaded collared top

The material is sooo silky and the little puffiness on the top of the sleeves makes my arm look so structured and thin!!

I darkened the picture abit so the beads are more prominent

Outfit one : Beads on silk

Outfit two : Serial denim


7th item : Red flora chiffon top

Very super honestly, I didn't think I'd like this because it is toooooo bright for me like woah.
But, when I put it on, sweet jesus, I actually like it on me.

Finally some colours on me~

and speaking of colours, we are totally in the season of red/pink now that I think of it.
First, for china dolls like myself, Chinese New Year and then Valentine's Day.

Outfit one : Covered in flowers

Outfit two : Belt up sista!!
threw a belt on so it can cut my figure in

yes please forget your safety shorts or knickers shorts not..

Outfit three : Throw the flowers make it rain

yeapz, got inspired by Ke$ha's lyrics, throw some glitter make it rain
but ok, seriously, just throw the top on as an outerwear and you are ready to jam up the roads. Go kick some ass!!


8th item : Black lace cardigan

Another outerwear you just throw it on as easy as abc and wala!! plain jane to stunning stacy

Outfit one : Little black lolita


9th item : Yellow flora tube dress

My only yellow dress.
It is so sunny and cherry I cannot not like it..
I feel like a sunflower...I feel like going to bintan just so I can parade in this dress

Outfit one : Escape into the great sunshine

Oufit two : Dropped and waisted
I pulled the dress down and it became a skirt in 2 seconds!! tada!!


and I have reached the bottomest pit of my bag of items!!

Pretty sure most of the items here have intrigued you.

You really wanna start bookmarking them down for their future awesome collection!!

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