Thursday, 7 February 2013

Off to the races

Bye guys!!

Gonna leave the city in less than 24 hours for HongKong!!

Totally already dreading the flight there.
And not to mention, already missing my three favourite buggers

My little happy family portraits

Kimchi who can't seem to give a fuck, totally not entertained

Sigh pie sigh, I wish I could fit you into my luggage

Favourite photo of the whole lot but Where Is Tattoo?! humph :<

Be back on the 12th so tata for now!!

Please email me sparingly!! 
Will reply all emails as soon as I touch down to Singapore next week!!

If you spam my email, I'm just going to ignore you ok. No chance.
And those who are still waiting for their parcel, patience ok dolls. I am not run singpost neither am I the postman. It is beyond my ability to speed anything up as much as I'd like to. I have mailed the remaining hair dye parcels out on Tuesday. So hold on for maybe a couple of days!!

Alright ciao!! Going to pack my luggage after sitting blankly in front of it for an hour... sigh this reluctance

Till then!!
forget me not


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