Tuesday, 19 March 2013



Doing this advertorial for this webstore that I'm 101% sure all of you know about...{unless you live under the rock k}

and it is none other than...

jeng jeng jeng

They sent me three pieces and I'm deeply in love with one particular piece
those who went for the restore flea and seen me there would've already seen me in that..

I'll go to that last, I'll show you guys the other two first!! saving the best for the last k!!

{ 1 }

super gorgeous dress... the quality is damn superb k!! very honestly, it is way better than my hnm bodycon dress

all the clubber girls... this one's for you!! show but don't show cleavage {too mainstream}


{ 2 }

I think this piece needs no introduction because when I posted it on my instagram I already had people asking me where they can get it from...

Don't underestimate the power of the two side cut outs k because omg the illusion it creates is woahsistawoah

{ 3 }

Last but not least... my favouritest piece
ahhhh I'm about to die in satisfaction and ecstasy


I don't know about you but I am in love. And it's love at first sight!!
yes I told the owner alot of times too. Haha even my mum and Alex said it's nice. I mean YAHHHHH it's SOOOOO NICE. Nice is such an understatement. It's da bomb!!


Enough said, you need to go over!! I say need.

and...... Like their Facebook page for more fantabulous update!!

and no!! no way I'll ever forget to ask for a special promo code for you girls!!

Quote ChloeXAic for complimentary normal postage
valid till end of March so hurry!!!!!


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