Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Hey yo lola!!

I spent my afternoon in the polyclinic and ermagawd....the waiting time is crazy and I was soooo bored k. So... those who experience the same boredom as me...

I'll give you something to do. What better way to kill your boredom than Shop!! Even better, shop online. Everything gets delivered right to your door step. ooolala

One of the website you can shop at is...


So... They sent me three pieces of apparels and these are what I got!!

No. 1 : Scottish Flannel Button Down

Totally digging the three way functionality of this blouse

"tie it up"

"over it"

"standing alone"


No 2 : Camo Boy's Tee

I'm not a fan of camou prints but I couldn't resist this piece because of it's washed denim and the oversizeness of it. Thank god for me it comes with minimal camou prints so it's not too bad. But if you like camou prints.. this is it!!

Perking my full black basic suit which consist of only a black tank and knicker shorts for the day with this piece

No. 3 : Monoblock Leatherette High Waist

Change out of the all black and take this piece!! Featuring a white pocket space


Pretty much it!! Now usher to www.shopjunkyard.blogspot.sg for more awesome apparels!!

Just a head's up, there's a new collection up on the web!!

Be sure to join their mailing list because you will be entitled to free normal postage as well as have a chance to participate in the giveaway for every launch!!!!!! ahhhh free clothes and it's free nice clothes JUST DO IT

Anddddd specially for all you reading this, you get free normal postage + 5% off when you quote CHLOECHOOX!! woohoo!!

Go now!! Go Go Go Go. NOW.


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