Thursday, 14 March 2013

Pastel Labels

Heyyyyyya!! I'm sorry for the lack of update lately but I've been recuperating at home when I fell ill last week. Been sounding like a boy who just had his vocal chords cracked but admittedly, I kinda prefer this voice than my normal voice. It's more husky? and mature and unique I think. Hoping to prolong this voice as much as I can but no don't take me for a sadistic pyscho. I mean, I just genuinely like this voice.

So anyway, today's the last day of the third hairdye preorder. Those who are interested, you have till 23:59pm to make payment and get your slots.

Talking about hairdye, I made a new label this time round!!
and it looks something like..

and yeah!! so happy with the colors, like the colours makes me rather happy.

Colours colours colours...

this is one of the works that I've done for my illustration module, quite pleased with it pats back given that I'm honestly and most genuinely bad at drawing

the theme was garden city hence the crowning of the line of skyscrapers

loving the little bird... I just love the pastels on it

yeah pretty much about it all... 

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I sound like I'm adverfreakingtising for myself...k I reckon it's my workaholic side assuming it's role now because I'm not spared from advertising anywhere I go. I major in advertising at school and on home grounds, I do advertorials on my blog sooooo found an excuse there!!

ok, one last thing...
for those of you who have been for my instagram would've known and seen that my dad set up a waffles and pancakes store named after me { bitesizemonster } and yes, got a tattoo as well. crazyshit...yes I'm touched but my mind got blown too k very honestly. I totally exclaimed when I saw that tattoo.

so yes, bitesizemonster will be opening tentatively this coming April and I am soooo excited. Basically, the whole concept of the store is really simple and clear cut. It's a take and go kind of thing and my mother's store will be beside bitesizemonster's. It's a new ground for young adults to hang and it'll be at turf city. Maybe when the opening date is nearing then I'll go into details on what it is and how this whole thing goes about.

and I actually have one more thing but I lost my train of thoughts...
so that'll be all for now!! I'll be back with a post real soon because I just received a new parcel together. Super in love with one particular item.


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