Saturday, 30 March 2013


Hiiiiii I promise you a proper blog post after today!! crossmyheart
I made it a point to take photos just to do up a proper post ok!!

but first!! the sun has been so blazing hot recently and it's driving me crazy?!

therefore I'm a 101% sure you'd love this webstore that I'm about to do an advertorial for..

still have no idea what is in for you?!

yuh-uh!! SUNGLASSES!! + alot more assessories like arm swags and clutches!!

they so very generously sent me 6 items!!

4 sunnies + a bracelet + a clutch

I wore one of the sunnies out the very next day!!

{ i } : Club Sunglasses in Gold


{ ii } : Club Sunglass in Silver


{ iii } : Illuvi Halfmoon Sunglass in Tortoise Shell

Super loving the tortoise shell and the sharp cat eye wing flick at the end


{ iv } : Illuvi Halfmoon Sunglass in Cream

I just think of a yacht scene whenever I see cream coloured sunnies...

white bikini, red nail polish
bright  blue ripples
sipping on champagne
the sun so crystal clear



{ v } : Balen Clutch

The material isn't actually so glossy more matt like

yeap much better... got this off their website

anw, I really like how it's so spacious and easy to carry out and the best thing to me is that it is so minimalistic!! so easy to match any outfits


She also kindly slipped a bracelet in!!

so easy to match this too!!

{ vi } : Balenstud bracelet in Navy


and there you have it!! all six pretty gorgeous items!!

follow them on their facebook to get notified when they update with more dope items ok!!

and before you go...

Quote CHLOESP to get a dollar off PLUS complimentary registered postage for purchases $35 and above!!

now be free


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