Friday, 29 March 2013

Static Fumes

Hello!! Doing an ad for

A big bomb brand....

Yessah!! Static fumes!! Pretty sure this brand needs no introduction at all!!

but if you do, one word to describe them..

two words : Electrifying Awesome

three words : Super Electrifying Awesome

four words : I love static fumes!!

and ok, I'm just going to stop here. I can go on but let's go to the main point...

they sent me an oversized pullover and I love the fit of it!!

I matched it with three different bottoms for three different occasions


pairing with denim knickers


then pairing it with long denim


pairing it with a faux leather shorts


she also kindly slipped a pair of sunnies in the parcel!!

I really prefer wearing my sunnies as a hair accessories...haha
it's a two in one!! woohoo!!


go go go like their facebook page now!!

and remember to take the discount code with you!!
Quote chloexsf for complimentary normal postage!!

exit there now!!

I already feel so excited for you girls!!


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