Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Wonder Belle

Holla sistas!!

Doing this advertorial for the second time for this webstore
and it is none other than

Uh huhhhhhh The Wonder Belle...
The ones who sponsored me the heels as well!! Love them to death

the owner, S is always so so so so so kind to add in more items and this time I got two more!! Heavensent

{ i }

gotta shout out to this dress for being so soft and touchable
and the two holes at the side...yay to the illusion of a smaller waist

sides, this dress is so comfortable to be in
good for a casual day out!!


{ ii }

black disco dress so pretttttyyyyyy 
+1 to my dressy basic collection!!!

the cutting is alittle like a shift dress but it has some figure cutting line as well score


{ iii }

ooolalala super loving how this chiffon pants hangs so freely on my waist
really like how it allows you to tie the ribbon around your waist to accentuate your waist line and best thing it is adjustable according to your waist size so no post buffet woes


{ iv }

capping on the comme des fuckdown beanie
oohyea bring the swag on niggas

2 in 1 because it is unisex so you an share it with your boyfriend or your brother hahaha

just a beanie on and you're ready to roll with a tank and shorts
only thing missing, a skateboard but I can't balance for nuts
I mean I've been wanting all my life to learn skateboarding but no, hell no....
not working out for me


Now head down to to start shoppinggggg!!

but but but...

Like their facebook page!!
to catch their upcoming collection previews, giveaways, promotion offers and updates

and not to forget, make good sure you join their mailing list
for event updates, discount codes and exclusive sneak previews!!

anddddd "say my name and every colour illuminate"

ok no but quote Chloe5OFF to enjoy 5% off ALL purchases yes!! sales items included!!

So usher your way there now!!


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