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I know I know I've been flooding my blog with advertorials but like I've said, it may not be bad thing because then you people would have more exposure to the different webstores and have more varieties when shopping online, yes? Yes

Noooo, don't worry this isn't an advertorial...{ not yet anyway, I have one more on hand that I swear to jesus you won't wanna miss }

But ok, back to this, gonna talk about FOOD I mean, it's something every single one can relate to

and no, I'm not paid to do this, in fact I paid to try it before I can write this post man...
side note, I really like the idea of going to "hidden gem" spots to try new food!!

any good suggestions anyone??

anyhoohoo, personally I really love thai cuisines { tom yam and taipcoa especially } and hong kong cuisine { dim sum particularly }

first place I went to and recommend highly is a thai outlet that offers super duper wuper yummy tom yam soup... { thank you winnie bear for bringing me to this place!!!! wanna kiss you }

trust me on this because I have a sensitive palette for tom yam and dim sum

butter calamari rings : not too bad but the calamari rings can be alittle softer and juicer..maybe?

spicy stir fry cai xin : not that spicy as the name suggest and nothing beats the vegetables I had in HK but ok, I need vegetables in my every meal

Seafood tom yum soup : ERMAHGAWD sooooo good?! I finished one whole bowl by myself and yes, it's a bigggg bowl k. Winnie only finished half of hers...meh lousy

yeah just look at the big a pot man
it was actually a genuine mistake that we ordered one bowl each and it was only because Winnie made an imaginary proportionate of the bowl of tom yam soup and it looks so small to me so I just said, oh ok luh one bowl each then she was sorta shocked cos she wanted to share

Across the thai restaurant is an ice cream palour...
and you can mix two falvours into a small size cup!!! woohoo!! lovingtfattentinghingssobitesized

on the left is salted caramel if I remember correctly - freaking love it!!! Must eat!!
on the right is their chocolate sorbet, tastes like dark chocolate digging it but I thought the sorbet texture isn't working out for chocolate flavor. I mean I'd prefer it if it has a creamier texture

Thai food : Ah Loy Thai
100 Beach Road
01-39/40 Shaw Towers

Ice cream : Tom's Palette
just across the thai food place


second food outlet I took photos of...

I went there with an insane starved stomach so the first thing I digged into was the fries

Overall : meh

I ordered the classic berg's burger with cheese

I don't really like the food there but D recommended it cos I was making so much noise in her studio saying I was hungry...

eeyer my cute boy

He insisted to take a photo of me but I feel really awkward when people ask me to do this then they'll always always always say then photoshoot leh!? you not shy during your photoshoots? but you see, it's different...

such a touristy pose zzz

won't say I'm recommending this place but if you're interested..

10 Haji Lane
Far East Square 137 Amoy St, #01-01
Mogambo Bar & Restaurant
                                   3 Canton Street, Boat Quay


Last food outlet...
none other than what BiteSizeMonster will be selling at
turf city but no it's not up for sale just yet

never thought plain waffles would taste good at all but this is so good I just want more after eating one and I'm not even bragging at all I swear

Yup that's all for now and I pushed myself to finish this post tonight cos I just had cough medicine and I'm feeling ever drowsy since an hour ago... boo to the hoo to the hoo

See you later for my next advertorial!!

Goodnight sweet dreams!!


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