Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Bang That City !! // Bangkok Part 2

Heyyyyyya!! as the title suggest and as I've mentioned before, this would be the second part to my bangkok trip.

so gracing this post would be a picture of myself hahaha for the dinner at Vertigo

remember I told you the ambience there was 11/10...
scroll below to understand why. it was breathtaking

the moment I sat down I went "OMG faster faster!! faster take photo!! must exploit the amount I'm paying for!! so nice the scenery fasterrrrr!!!!"

see the wind messing around with my hair zzzzzz
but anw, the watermelon juice I ordered was rweal yumz!! like very very very yumz!! best watermelon juice I've ever tasted actually

looking through our main course menu with a hand held torch because it was just tooooo dark there

we were served some carrot mousse in this little shooter but seriouslyyyy it's really not that appetizing at all. tasted like pokka's carrot juice in mushy form...
probably their scheme to make you appreciate the main course later

This loaf of bread was probably the third best thing I had there...
We ate two loaves hahahaha it was that good!! and if you're wondering what the tiny saucer is at the bottom of the picture, it is actually olive oil and vinegar as dips for the bread. Super good super super super super duper wuper good!!

then we were served another something in the shooter cup, this time it is lime sorbet. really flipping sour. I can taste the sour pangs in my mouth as I'm typing this now. Not very nice again.... such disappointment why oh why

our real appetizers : mozzarella cheese with cherry tomato and wild rockets
I quite like the cheese because it has some kind of a subtle chewiness in it and there's a milky after taste when you swallow it down. like the milkiness lingers on your taste buds before travelling down through your throat

rice paper lobster and wild vegetables wrap
the rice wrapper was alittle too thick for my liking but otherwise, this dish was fine!! The lobster came in really huge chunks!!

then we had our main course which seemed like what took foreverrrrrr

we had two cod fish dish and one chicken so I only took one set of the fish. Anw I thought the chicken was better but sadly it wasn't mine. I ordered the cod fish because it was recommended....

chicken atop mash
tried a bite of the chicken and it was juicy and tender but I feel sick describing it this way already. Let's move on to the mash. It had a good rough texture like, it had crumbs of potato amidst the mash part and I loveeee mash potato that aren't over mashed....I'm contradicting this way. sorreh!!

cod atop mash
well, the cod fish isn't bad bad but it tasted slightly different from the ones you get here in Singapore. The cod fish I had there had a slight resemblance as scallops in terms of texture and how it felt in my mouth. Like the cod fish was alittle chewy but the skin was gooooood. It was buried in a flush of salt and the under side of the skin was alittle oily and really chewxy like sticky chewy kind of chewy. Super duper good!! to think I actually told the waiter it was abit overcooked. hahahaha oh well~

finally my favourite part!! desserts!!

mango cheese cake that was not bad. but quite run off the mill but still can pass

my coconut ice cream!! Super refreshing and light and nice but the cookie and berries weren't that nice, should've stayed one side. The ice cream was gggggeeeerrrrrrrooooooooddddddd

and that's about all for dinner at Vertigo!!

Now gonna continue with more pictures of food that we had over at the thailand airport

prawn cake that is very nice!! As long as it's a prawn cake, I will like it!!

mango sticky rice again hahaha. no fail!!

super gianormous head prawn tom yum soup. velleh good tom yum!! ok lah, any tom yum is good in thailand period

phad thai very nice!!!!! like it's considered good according to airport standard
the glass noodles were chewy the way it as suppose to be!!

and hokey pokey I'm really done this time. Not gonna continue torturing myself and you with these food pictures. Really missing bangkok's food!!

let me know if you have any place in bkk that you recommend going ok!! especially food places that serves tom yum and tapioca!!


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