Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Hello juicy berries slush!!
Here's another ad for my long term advertiser!!

not that hard to guessssss.....
starts with an E ends with an E. ok who am I kidding, that's not even a hint. okokokok, enough nonsense, they are the very awesome

yessssahhh!!!! it's ellysage that's right!! when I first went over to their site I was thinking oh my oh my, everything looks so office lady wear how to find my kind of clothes?! then as I hunted through the pages, I found themmmmm. and it's alot of them!!
in short, I'm saying, ellysage caters to different occupation group. doesn't necessarily be counted with age because some of you girls are probably doing internship now and may need working clothes during the weekdays and more casual clothes during the weekends, maybe even some nightlife apparels for ladies night and saturday night fever!! so here's where you go!! Ellysage!!

and what's more... they are having a collaboration with Rachel K....
something good is in stored for you dolls!! read on!!

what I picked out for myself!!

I got the tigers original jersey tee whichhhhh
ok, initially I thought it was just going to turn out to be a normal run off the mill tee but I'll get it anw since I like the tiger print but when it came and when I put it on... HO MAH GORD UH. the cutting was so flipping good?! Idk it was just at the right length and right width everything was just right. maybe you can't see from the pictures but I swear upon my life, the cutting is superbbbb. Or maybe it's just me. so if you're about the same size as me, you must get this!! and not to mention, the material is so comfy and soft. 

Second item I kept shouldn't be a new thing to you girls...
it's a knit I got!! sammie full knit!!
quality knit I tell you. Quality. I know for sure I can take this with me to a autumn/winter country and live very comfortably in it. Another must get!! Really I swear. 

That's pretty much it for this ad but hey!! hold it!! becauseeeee
follow these simple steps and you're well on your way to winning some Rachel K products!!

Ellysage sent me some sample products and I think the CC cream is quite good!! It's really lightweight and very liquidity!! They gave me the neutral and original shade and I think my skin leans towards the original shade more (black tube) but I thought of a way for snow whites like myself to make full use of the neutral shade one since it is given in the set. You can use it as a bronzer on your cheeks!!!!!! It works!! Just experiment a few times and you'll get the hang of it!!

So yes hurry go on over and take part in this contest now!! because you're left with less than 24 hours. Sorry dolls I put this ad too late!!
But better late than never so HURRRRRYYYYYYYYYYY


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