Thursday, 23 May 2013

Bang that city!! // Bangkok

Hello!! As some of you might know, I just came back from the city of happiness BANGKOK!!

I went there for a short 3 days only so I didn't really get to explore alot but overall it was a good trip!! although not a very relaxing one, I had fun over there!!

me at the airport having my breakfast haha

after our flight, we check into Glow
not bad for a hotel!!

our king size bed.
when I came back to my queen size bed in sg it felt so tiny. hahaha
they gave us another extra bed too!!

the sofa I used to put my luggage on

bumped into J at Platinum
I was so happy to run into my fellow country man. hahaha

had lunch at the foodcourt inside platinum

M U S T - T R Y ! !
tom yum mixed fish cake bee hoon
ate this the first day, ate this the second day, ate this the third day!!
even the lady working at the stall recognized us
hahaha must try I swear. freaking good...... I prefer the bee hoon to glass noodle though
I like glass noodle when it's dry

another Must have there!!
tapioca with coconut milk... love this!! even in sg, I always eat it whenever I find it

the tapioca looks so small portioned right?
omg no, don't even belittle that bowl of goodness...
it's more than enough for three of us

mango sticky rice with coconut milk

mango salad

happy me with my tapioca!!
anw, see the waffles at the background, wanted to buy and do market research hahaha but always too full to buy and eat it

went over to asiatique after our shopping at platinum

at the pier to head over to asiatique

Day 2

hotel breakfast
super nice curry they have!!

after that went to eat again at platinum
the tom yum bee hoon and

seafood and potato I think? Idk what is it called but it was yummeh

rice roll that looked pathetic but again, don't belittle this portion....
so filling man...

on the way to Chatuchak!!

arrived!! happiness˜

ice popsicle!! looks pretttty but not really nice

finally tried the coconut ice cream, super good lah!!
see my happy fresh face

bumped into V in ctc!!

auntie me went to ask the man selling the popsicle allll the flavours available...hahahaha
ended up getting the cola flavoured one which was blahhhh, think they added salt into it

then beside the ice popsicle cart was a stall that sold underwear for 50baht!! like 3 for 50 baht so just.

then before we left ctc, I had to have another serving of coconut ice cream sooo....

yayyyy!! got the goods on hand.
slightly different from the previous one but both are as good!!

went to platinum after that to shop somemore....zzzzz super tired already and I don't think I have any pictures of it except....
super sian already till I had to stand with one leg up like a flamingo

damage done in a few hours...
still have more at the side hahaha~
I have alot of things to sell off because I overbought and my wardrobe has no more space...
some of my clothes not even packed into my wardrobe

look out for things I'll be selling off ok!!

hahaha face I sent to Alex when he told me something...

went to a restaurant at banyan tree hotel, vertigo for dinner
ambience : 11/10 because you get to oversee the whole bangkok city
food : 7/10 food was mehhhhh. was expecting better since it was said to be the best restaurant in bangkok city but was mehhhhh. but their bread was deliciousssss.... we had two loaves hahahaha
service : 11/10 the attending waiter just asked how was the food and I said the skin on my cod fish was alittle overburnt and he gave me the dessert menu and said I get any dessert on the list on the house. good righttttt.

there's more pictures taken at Vertigo but since I'm waiting for the pictures to be sent over to me, I'll do up another post on it maybe some time next week!!

Day 3

wheeee AnW finalllyyyyy....
used to be my favourite fast food joint back here in sg but pity, it doesn't taste as good over there now. Donch know why...
maybe it's because I've tasted way better things now that I'm older or maybe it's just the AnW over there

surprisingly I said mac has better curly fries hahaha

not so nice waffle, too soft and salty for a waffle

fried chicken waffle burger

went to big c after that
finally got to sit on a tuk tuk!!
but kena tok. again...
hahaha, we got tok the moment we touched down
like they quoted us 700 baht which is about 28sgd+ for a taxi ride

went back to platinum to have lunch
finally had my banana chocolate crepe

stay tune for the rest of it!!
sorry it's so scattered hahah just trying my best to post everything I have on hand first and blog while the memory is still fresh!!


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