Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Hey girls!! Back with an advertorial for one of my long term sponsor!!

without further ado or draggy introduction haha
here's one of my favourite brands!!

this is me in their
Boyfriend Two Tone Denim Shirt

if you saw my previous advertorials, you would've seen me in one of my own blue shirt that some of you have been asking me where I got it from...
I got it from Polo Ralph but I got it pretty long ago...
sooooo when I saw a similar piece from AIC I knew I had to get it so I can show you girls a cheaper and prettier alternative!!

Polo Ralph

Ash In Can
Aic's one has an ombre effect!! so nice!!!!!!!
It's actually my favourite of the lot too!!

second piece I wore is their 
Black Cut Out Top

I really like how the holes are at the right places!!
It shows skin subtly without being over exposed and vulgar velleh good!!
plus the material is super duper soft!!

third piece I kept is their
White Cut Out Side Tank

This is also another super soft piece!! and just like the two other items above, they belong to my dressy basic family!! yay to the additions!!

The two holes at the side creates an illusion of a smaller looking waist wheeeee


last piece that they kindly slipped in is their
Floral Dainty Romper

If you donch know, this is a manufactured piece from them!!
loving the flora prints and cutting of the romper!! not to mention the material of it!! it's rwwweally soft!! like super duper suede soft!!
there's like a pretty ribbon at the back for you girls to adjust according to your waist size!!


Everything very pretty and gorgeous right!!
hesitate no more and head over!!

don't forget to like their facebook page at

and don't forget to check out with my name, "CHLOE" for a dollar off their manufactured romper, "Flora Dainty Romper"!!


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