Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Couture Lane


Got an advertorial for you girls to book mark today!!
If you have been in the scene for long, you would've seen them around before!!

Having modeled for them this collection, I can confidently say with all honesty that their apparels are really comfortable to wear

And you know I was suppose to have this shoot on Sunday but it suddenly started raining cats, dogs, rabbits, elephants, monkeys and lions so I had no choice but to postpone the shoot and the owner was ok with it... like she was super patient and kind and all things nice. Seriously, I always ask myself where sweet people like her sprout out from. Like what the hell did I actually do to deserve this good karma. Anw the mind blowing thing is that the owner is a year younger than me?! and she's already so established... I wish I could be like that toooooo

ok, enough of my self depressant talk

here's what I chose from the collection!!

Basic Strappy Cami in Black
really like the airy material!! so good for singapore's crazy humid weather!!
so many holes everywhere to air myself hiakhiakhiak
and because of the chiffony material, you can wear it both formal and casual!! score2in1

I also kept the Polka Dot Bustier Dress
Loving the white on navy dots!! kicking in a retro vibe!!

Last item I kept is their Zara Knit Outerwear
The quality of this cardigan is reallyyyyyy extremely good?! Like it even came with the Zara tag... the tag aside, the quality of the knit woah
Very good for people who needs to stay in the freezing lecture rooms man!! and I love the blood orange color!! The color in my photos are a tad too red
I put a reference right at the bottom to show the true color of this lickable cardigan. Reminds me alot of the blood orange juice that Florida natural sells. dayum dayum


Here's a little preview on what you can expect from the new collection!!

for the girly pixies

for the weekenders

for the school girls

That's all I have for this ad so get ready to click your way to because they have also updated their sales section!! I went to see it myself and they have so many so many pretty items at shuuuuper low prices?!

forget not to join their mailing list and like their facebook page yes?!

Check out with "CHLOE" or "BITESIZEMONSTER" and be entitled a dollar off your purchase!!


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