Thursday, 9 May 2013


BOOYAAA!! Quick shoutout this thursday to the quirky name!! Was told my previous advertorial for them was a huge success because multiple orders for one of the item I advertised for was booming in orders!! well done girls!! velleh proud of y'all
hint on which store I might be talking about : flat studs, faux leather, carrier
if you've guess Invincible Charades you are rrrrright!!

But from now onwards, they have rebranded and are now known as Oopskooky
Tell. Me. How. Kewt. The. Name. Is ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? !

See the banner below?
Make sure you click it when you're there at their home page because it'll bring you to a page filled with their new arrivals!!
How yummy does the banner look anyway?! watermelon has always been my favourite fruit and this just makes me want to crunch on one right now. Feeling super thirsty suddenly.... grrrh

don't wait and just hover over NOW!!

Like their facebook page at for updates on upcoming preorder collections!! I assure you, they have everything quirky and nice

Follow them on instagram as well won't you? @oopskooky

and save yourself a dollar when you check out with chloeOK
Promotion valid till end May 2013


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