Monday, 6 May 2013

Inside Nothingness

Hi cherries!! A new ad for this week for a name I've advertised for before!!

If you don't already know, they are one of my favourite online webstore because of the edgy vibe they exude in their choices of apparels

I really love this brand!! and you should too!! People who are more alike my know what to do!! bookmark the page down now!!

anyway, for this time's ad it is about their 1 year anniversary mystery gift bag!!
Yeappppp!! I don't worry what will be in the gift bag because I know I'll like every other piece it is in the mystery gift bag!!

Basically this gift bag will cost you 50 bucks and you'll receive 3-4 apparels that is randomly chosen!!

and ok I cheated in a way because I chose 2 out of the 3 items but oh wells
I'll show you girls what I got!!


1st item I chose was the leather trimmings shirt
Love at first sight crossmyhearthopetodie
The moment I saw it, I knew I had to get it no matter what....

Second item I chose is the Cropped top in black
Actually I had my eye on the white one the very first time they asked me to do an ad previously but it was sold out so I took my chance with the black one this time round and oh boy, it's a winner

Really like how the sleeves are wide and spacious

Last item that is in the mystery bag was...
the knitted skirt!! Actually I had my doubts on the flare-d frills but when I wore it todayyyy I gotta eat my own doubts back

Don't you think it gives a very mermaid feel to it?! Like it just makes the whole outfit look alot more decorative and less boring!!


Believe me when I said ALL their items are deliciously attractive?!
Like it becomes more of a need than a want already!!

Wait no more and head on down to

Don't forget to like their facebook page at because you really don't want to miss out on their upcoming collections!! 

yes!! don't forget!! in lieu with their 1st anniversary mystery gift bag movement, you get to check out with BITESIZEMONSTER for a 10% cut!!
Only applicable for the order and purchase of the gift bags
Promotion valid till 31st May 2013

all photos in courtesy of Matte White Photography


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