Thursday, 2 May 2013

Young Hungry Free

Whatzuppppp wild ones!!

First ad of this month!! for a brand I loveeee so much!!
my relationship with them goes a long way back....
they were the first company to use my modelling photos and I'm ever grateful for the opportunities they have given me

other than that, it was because of them, Alex found out more about me after he saw me in school. His friend told him that I was a new blogshop model and he got directed to this site so thank you younghungryfree, previously known as iscrewedyourboyfriend hee

This super kick ass brand is none other than

They are now one of my long term sponsors and I'm more than ecstatic!!

YHF has lots of apparels that you really can't find outside and what drawn me to apply at their webstore was their range of unique clothes and grungy style.

Previously when they were still using ISYB, they had a more rockerfella vibe but since the change of name to YHF, they now adopt a more high fashion, mod vibe which is goooood for people like myself because I get to be donned in their apparels as I grow older since I'll need apparels that is more suited to my maturing age without looking too mainstream.

Featuring some of the apparels I kept from them!!

Daisy dress in black
really convenient piece!! added incentive is that it already has daisy motifs all over so you don't really have to accessorize

Cable knit in black
It's not the usual knit material, rather it is more airy?

Floral crop top in black : Zipper gym shorts in black
Love at first sight for the floral top, was like really immediate kind of attraction to it
and I cannot emphasize enough how convenient the zipper gym shorts are?! I wore it quite a few times now!!

Polka dots crop top
If you read my earlier entries, you would've known the love I have for polka dots now
How can I not keep this when it is my favourite colours?

Pairing this polka dot crop I have their Lyc Mesh skirt in black
This piece is so edgy!! very good to turn the boring plain old bodycon skirt to this!!

Mark cropped raglan in black : Shredded denim stud shorts in black
Super basic essential tee, very airy and the shorts are dayum dayum!!

if you're a follower on my ig, you would've seen me in this orbital tee twice or thrice already
loveeeeeee this tee!!

also, this tribal jeans is soft as everrrrr
it's a very soft and stretchy kind of jeans which is grrreat cos you won't have to worry about the lines that show and you can enjoy being in this soft material

lastly, featuring my co-model again. hahaha
we didn't really intentionally take these sets of photos for this advertorial just happen to have two of the same trenchcoats so we jusst shot for fun!!

that's about it all from YHF. Their stuff amazeballs right?! Get your fine ass over now!!

don't say I didn't tell you, their new collection is a freaking smashing good one!!

like their facebook page for notifications on upcoming awesomest apparels!!

and follow them on their instagram page @younghungryfree for bite size updates!!


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